Good Morning! My youngest sister is getting married today. It has been a crazy weekend already but I did manage to squeeze in a small blog… another whatnot that is. I have had this piece of pressed tin I bought at Hobby Lobby about a year ago sitting in my daughter’s room. It was $7 on sale which makes it a very thrifty whatnot. This piece of tin has definitely joined my “dark and boring” list… it was time to revamp!

I used a foam brush to paint on 2 coats of a favorite acrylic paint…Folkart Seamist 2486. After letting that dry, I used my 80 grit block sander to strip the paint on all the detail. It actually took of the original color as well and exposed the silver of the tin… LOVE it! Last, I used my Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze on the entire piece. You just paint it on and wipe it off. I instantly turned my dull and boring tin into a super cute piece that has found it’s new home above my pantry in the kitchen. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!! ~Whitney

I will be posting this over at Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformation Thursday…Go check it out… Lots of smart ladies there!!

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  1. oh my goodness…i just have to say-i found your blog today and i am officially obesessed!! (this is how i am spending naptime–instead of cleaning the house…:) ) Anyway….y'all have given me so many wonderful ideas, i chose to comment here b/c we moved about a year ago and in our old house, the colors we reds, gold, etc. now it's more blues, tans and i have that exact same tin square (actually 4 of them) and they are stashed in the basement b/c i figured they don't match anymore…but now i know differently!! yea!! i am going to transform my tins this weekend! thank you for all the wonderful ideas! also…on a side note, i saw that your husband is from lubbock-my hubby and i both went to tech! he is from waco and i'm from west texas:) small world:) thanks again! jj

  2. LOVE the color! My friend gave me a gigantic tin ceiling tile last Christmas. I'm using it my LV as a picture frame. 🙂


  3. LOVE it!! I have one that is yellow, and doesnt look good on my khaki walls! Thanks for the idea! -Lauri