Ruffle Christmas Trees!!

Yes girls… It’s that time again! Well, for me it comes a bit sooner in the year than most but I am pretty sure that is a hereditary thing (our mom puts on Christmas music in late September).  So… Let’s get to it!  Here is my latest project…


How cute are those?? I can only take credit for execution on this one.  My sweet friend/ partner-in-crime Erincame over for a craft day this week.  She told me she would be bringing lots of “goodies”!  Not only did she bring goodies… She also brought LOTS of super cute ideas! This is just one of them.
We started with a few supplies…
We started with some super cute ribbon from Hobby Lobby.
And a few styrofoam cones!
STOP! Don’t click the red X just yet!! I am hoping that this will be the post that I will finally convince all of you that you need both a basic sewing machine and a ruffler foot.  This is so super easy and everything is cuter with a ruffle 🙂
I ran one end of the ribbon through the ruffler and a few minutes later I was done.
I started by glueing the ruffles from the bottom to the top.  I used my hot glue gun at a low temp setting to keep it from melting the cone.
On this tree I alternated my ribbon on each row… Just because it’s cute.
We needed some feet for our trees and I quickly remembered the stash of wooden spindles I scored in Round Top that have been hiding in my garage.  My hubby has asked if he can throw them out about 16,465 times so I am sure he was happy to see at least two of them leave the pile.
I used my saw to cut off the ends of a couple of them to use as bases.  You can also use a candlestick like Erin did on her paper trees!
Then I gave them a coat of our very fav Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Heirloom White!
I also used it to paint these super cute mini finials I found at Hobby Lobby!
Finally, I glued my base to my bottom.
Yah, that’s a different tree but I will share that later 🙂
I glued my finial to the top and wrapped some twine around it just because it’s cute.  I had some little silver jingle bells that I tied on to each end.  That’s it!
Don’t you love them!?! So now is the time (if you have not already) to get a sewing machine and ruffler on that Christmas list!! It’s so easy… I promise!!


I hope you like trees because there are more to come :-)!!
Have a happy Friday!
Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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  • claire

    What a great idea! You could also use wire-edged ribbon and cinch one side for the same effect. I can’t wait to give this a shot!

  • Mari

    I’m not sure you will see this, but I love the tree you just showed the bottom of and said you would share later. I saw a picture of it somewhere and bought burlap, etc. The burlap falls apart really bad, any suggestions? Thanks and love your stuff!

  • I can NOT get my ruffler on my machine to save my life. It came with NO instructions! 😛

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  • Rhonda Tomlinson

    I have the ruffler foot, I have to admit I cuss this thing every time I TRY to use it. Ya’ll make it look soooo easy. My Mother sewed eveything for me as a kid and can sew absolutely anything, I did NOT get her talent. lol

    love all ya’ll do

  • Wow! What a fabulous idea, I’ll definitely be trying that! Your husband is obviously more tolerant than mine, I had some old stair spindles in ‘his’ garage but they mysteriously disappeared!

  • Vicki

    I don’t have the ruffled thingy for my sewing machine either. I created the same look using wired ribbon and pulled one side of the wire out until it rufflled….yours look awesome!

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  • I love these trees and can’t stop thinking about making them–the holidays are now just around the corner ! I don’t yet have a sewing machine but hope I can get one soon-maybe they sell ruffled ribbon at a craft store? Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Whitney and Ashley – I absolutely love these adorable mini Christmas trees! I I’d love to link to this project on the site. If this is something you’d be interested in, feel free to contact me. Just shoot me an e-mail at jlitz (at) primecp (dot) com. Thanks!

  • I wish I had discovered these and your site last Christmas! I would have love to make these! We had just moved to our new house and didn’t have time to put up a Christmas tree — I could have made one of these instead to help make our house a little festive! SOOOOO cute! This is on my list of “musts” for this holiday season. Where do you live? My blogging partner Carrie lives in Texas and also goes to Round Top!!

  • dining room table

    I am planning of making this as my Christmas tree for the next year. Very pretty and I like the size.

  • dollystar

    linda demais; simples de confeccionar e com efeito final deslumbrante e inusitado.
    Parabéns, Dolly

  • Amanda

    Just dropping by to let you know that I linked to this post in a round up today from the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. 🙂 This will appear in the main Craft Gossip RSS feed, on the main home page and can be found directly here

    If you would like a "featured by" button, you can grab one here!

  • Inspire Me Heather

    I loved these trees (and the ones you just posted too) – I linked them up to my "Christmas trees" post today!!

  • tomiannie

    LOVE these! I had to make some and share them with you:

  • Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun

    I featured this cute thing on my blog today

  • Katie @ This Chick Cooks

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. I am featuring it at Not Just Decorating. Feel free to grab a featured button if you'd like and have a great day 🙂

  • Stephanie (SandyChic)

    Cute Cute Cute!! I tried it out for myself (without sewing the ruffle…). Didn't turn out as good. Next time I won't be so lazy ;)But still pretty happy with it!

    Thanks so much!

  • Gay Vaughan

    So cute! I HAD to make these and I posted on my blog with a link to you. I don't have a ruffle foot, so I did them the old fashioned way. I love them, thanks for sharing your ideas!

  • Esbe Chic
  • Dacia

    These are soooo cute!

  • Ms.Alethia

    I love this project! What a great idea! I linked back to it from my blog on HOLIDAY PROJECTS at Sew Much Talent. It reminds meof a couple of ornaments that I did some years back; one was a christmas tree made from artifical leaves, and the other was an angel made using an empty serger thread cone. Check it out.

  • Lauren and Michele

    We tried out your ruffle trees, 1st one was a learning experience and the 2nd one went great….it was fun, thanks for sharing. Heres our

    Lauren and Michele

  • Jenny
  • BikerCandy

    I just had to say I love these! I already copied you. I'll be posting mine on my blog soon but I will definitely give you the credit and a linky dink on my blog. I didn't have a ruffler foot for my machine so I just did the old fashioned gathering way…but hey it still worked. I'm making them for gifts for co-workers and members in my stamp club. Thanks so much for a wonderful idea. Oh, by the way did you know that when this came out I went straight out to Hobby Lobby and all of the wood stuff was half off? How about that for good timing?

  • mmtncrfts

    Oh, these are tooooo great! I just had to feature these on my blog. Linked back to you so I hope you'll come over and check it out.

  • Jeanne Lobsinger

    Super cute! So glad I stumbled on your blog!!

  • she wears flowers

    These are gorgeous – thanks!

  • April

    These are so cute!!!

  • Liz

    These trees are great! Thanks for sharing. I will be featuring you ladies over at

  • tomiannie

    Oh, my goodness! I LOVE it!

  • Tracy

    In love. Got tricked into decorating a table for a Christmas banquet … I'm thinking you just saved my skin. Never heard of a "ruffler" foot before … am going to break down and buy one. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Kelly and Nate Wright

    So cute! Since my new phone is my Christmas present this year, I have asked my hubby if I could get him a sewing machine 🙂

  • Sawdust and Paperscraps

    Love this idea! So cute!!!

  • SewSpecial

    when you layered the different ribbons, did you do one row at a time?

  • concretenprimroses

    Very pretty and unique trees.
    I'm still using the Singer touch and sew that my parents bought me almost 40 years ago, and I've not used all the attachments. Now I'm wondering if it has a ruffle foot. gotta go look!

  • Maria

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am so copying it! How the heck did you score those banister things? I am interested in the store you got them at! Also, what do you consider a resonable price for a ruffle foot? I want to get one. Sorry for all the questions! 🙂 You can find me at

  • Michelle@Somedaycrafts

    Very cute! Loving them. I am featuring this at

  • Katie @ This Chick Cooks

    These are adorable trees! I love them!

  • Pamela Michelle

    OMG, amazing! Newest follower 🙂

  • Chateau Chic Boutique

    These are so cute. I must say though that I REALLY love the new ones you just did with the burlap. I have not sewn on my own…yet. My Mom is an awesome sewer and highly recommended a great Brother machine for me from Costco but I think it doesn't take a ruffler. I think it just takes a gathering foot. Do you think that would work too?
    Thanks again for your inspiration!

  • Christy

    These are super cute! I am going to make these with my girls this year! What a fun project, I love it!

  • Tardevil

    Most awesome. I'll take 3 please! Lol! I've got to get one of those ruffler thingies.

  • Angie

    I adore these! So cute!

  • La-Dee-da crafter

    I am in texas….where or what is Roundtop? Love the trees.

  • Ashley

    These are incredible! I love ruffles and you can't beat them mixed with Christmas. These are now on my "to Make" list. Thanks.

  • hipchic~cynde

    I love it!!!! Have got to make it!!! Hope you don't mind…I am sharing this post on my blog it is just too great. 🙂 Have a great weekend

  • Candace@craftysisters-nc

    Adorable! The spindle leg add just the right touch!

  • Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek

    must. find. something cone shaped in my house TODAY and make these!

    I LOVE that green one!

  • Tammy at Tattered and Timeless

    Whitney – love those trees. Here is another tree idea you can do and use up those spindles. I make these every year for our towns huge antique festival and they sell out.
    They are called spindle trees:
    the trees are the burlap based ones from michaels- 24 inch for $6.99

  • Mrs.B

    I love these…but not sure I can make the ruffles!

    This blog is FAB!

  • this blessed nest

    may i pretty please, copy you completely on this!


  • Allison @ House of Hepworths

    Please tell me how & where to buy a ruffler foot. I've never heard of one and now I have to have one! I googled it but I'm still a little confused. I just bought a sewing machine. Do basic machines come with one?

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  • Embellish

    Oh my, these are fabulous. I especially love the red one. Also, I pray that your new niece is doing well!!


    Ooh ruffles- I love them! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking. Off to check out Erin's blog…

  • Traci@ Beneath My Heart

    Those are soooo stinkin' adorable!! I don't know if I have a ruffler foot, but I have to get one! I am going to make one of these for sure.
    Thanks for the idea!

  • Kim

    Love–we'll be seeing this all over!

  • Helena

    I am in LOVE with this idea. And intrigued by the idea of a ruffle foot.

  • Erin

    So Cute! I'm definitely trying these!

  • Dee

    When you attach the ruffle to the tree are you doing one layer, cutting the ribbon or do you wind it until you get to the top??? Love the look. Dee

  • Ashley @ Little Miss Momma

    BEST tutorial ever! Oh my hec, these are the cutest trees in the UNIVERSE, and how simple! I am in LOVE!

  • Amanda@The Hand Me Down House

    I just love these, Whitney! They turned out absolutely gorgeous! I'm SO into Christmas trees right now — so thanks a bunch for sharing!

  • Bethany

    Those are so adorable it actually hurts a little bit 🙂

  • taidyeoriginal

    these are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!
    taidye original

  • Jane

    Great idea! I have a lot of Christmas ribbon that could be utilized this way. Thanks for the details.

  • Shelly

    I absolutely love these! I'll definitely be making a few. I'm not going to get started until I see the muslin/burlap reveal.I am, however, a little challenged learning to use my ruffler foot. Great project idea!

  • House Revivals

    Really adorable. I just love how they turned out!

  • Kara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So stinking cute!

  • Cathy

    …forgot to add….I love the cotton branches in the background. We recently went to a pumpkin patch that had a cotton field…we picked the cotton but it never occurred to me to get the branches….what a cool way to decorate for fall.

  • Cathy

    I can't wait to try this!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


    oo its so easy but it looks wonderfful :)))

  • The Autocrat: Haley

    Okay, I am a pretty avid sewer and I DIDN'T click off the page!! LOL I am going to buy one those!!!!! Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, you totally convinced me. I didn't realize it was that easy! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lori

    This is such a fantastic idea, thanks for the tutorial. Heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow, I have to make some of these.

  • Country Wings in Phoenix

    Oh My Gosh Sweetie…
    I love, love, love the trees. The ruffles just make them. And those little finials, and then to know that something you had been saving all this time, was finally coming out for use? Oh I bet DH was thrilled to death, and then probably asked, can we throw them away NOW?

    Oh thank you for the beautiful share. I am definitely going to be making a couple of these. So darn cute.

    Many hugs, Sherry

  • Shirley

    I LOVE these!!! So cute! And you know I have to try them out since they involve ribbon. Now to get a gathering foot. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Those are adorable! I am actually looking for a sewing machine for Christmas. What model do you have? Any tips for picking one??

  • Infarrantly Creative

    So cute! I stumbled your post and facebooked it out. LOVE IT!!!! Ruffles and Christmas trees? Yes please!

  • Claire

    Soooo cute-girly girl tree!!

  • Lorie

    Those are BEYOND CUTE! I love them! I will be featuring them tomorrow morning!

  • Heather

    these are ADORABLE!! And you have convinced me to buy a ruffler foot for my machine 🙂

  • Nita {ModVintageLife}

    These are darling! Oh…I want to make some.

  • very merry vintage style

    These are really cute. I need one in muslin, one in burlap…. thanks for the idea!

  • Josh&Jenna

    These are cute! I made something very similar with a drink bottle and hot glue gun (no sewing).
    It's a really bad picture from my phone.

  • {Bellamere Cottage}

    LOVE my ruffler.. I don't know whatever I did before I bought one. AND…. I had a little girl! Oh, those ruffles.

    These little trees are as cute as they can be. I'm going to whip some up one of these days… 🙂

    Warm blessings,

  • Nancy W

    I came back to leave a link to a project I did last month with one of those foam trees. Would love it if you dropped by when you get a chance to see it. And I love the logo and style you chose for your new look!


    I love love love this idea! I have been thinking about getting a sewing machine for a while and I think this might have convinced me!

  • Erin

    Holy cow!!! You took those and ran with them! Seriously, Whitney, they look amazing! Super great job. And I'm seeing burlap…can't wait to check out that version. You rock.

  • Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

    These are super cute! I do not, however, own a sewing machine. 🙂

  • Nancy W

    Adorable!!! I love going to roundtop too and have stuff my hubby wants to throw out too, lol. Hugs from Conroe, texas

  • Plum Crazy

    Ok…Love the trees…I have a pretty advanced sewing machine but never heard of the ruffler foot? Does it go by a different name? Great idea!