Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the ruffled trees in my last post!  I owe Erin for that awesome idea and I wanted to give you guys one more spin on these.  I decorate my house for Christmas in whites and blues… At least this year.  I am also a sucker for almost anything burlap and canvas which brought me to this take on the Ruffle Tree…
How cute, huh??
I only did a few things different…
Instead of ribbon I cut strips of burlap and drop cloth to ruffle up.
One reader asked if I did a continuous strip of the tree or if I glued it in layers.  Each tree is different.  The green one in my last post is one continuous strip going up the tree.  This tree is separate pieces at each layer.  This is what under the ruffles looks like…
I kept the edges nice and messy because I like them that way.  The bottom is the same.  I just glued on one of those great wooden spindles.  You can also use a candlestick!
And I did the twine around the top with a few jingle bells just like before…
That’s it! All done…

For those of you that prefer a more muted Christmas like myself, this is your tree 🙂
Also, I had a few readers ask about the ruffler foot.  I have a Brother NX-600 sewing machine.  I have this ruffler foot here except mine is silver.

My neighbor down the street just bought a ruffler for her White machine and found the cheapest on Ebay.  If you find one on Ebay (just search Ruffler foot) you can ask the seller if it fits your model.  If you have a local sewing store they may carry them there as well.  They all fit just a bit different so make sure that it fits your model.  Hope this helps!
Have a super weekend… I’m going to get my Christmas tree up 🙂
Thanks again Miss Erin for this super cute idea!!

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    1. Hello I tried 6x to look at your link to ”ruffle trees” and it is glitched to go to a dif page on Your site about buying furniture plans. I am unable to look at the ruffle trees at all.

  1. You can also ruffle by tightening your bobbin thread and lengthening your top thread, just sew a straght line and your material will ruffle automatically.

  2. Kind of adore this idea! I have 3 Styrofoam cones just waiting to be transformed! Thanks for sharing your genius!

  3. Love it! When I saw the other tree you made, my first thought was, "I'm going to make one in burlap!" I knew it would be adorable and it is! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I LOVE IT! Way to go friend. And thanks for all the mentions…you're awesome like that! Seriously, you OWN this idea…I never could have taken them to this level if it were just up to me. You's the bestest! ;o) See you next week…

  5. I love these trees! If you don't have a ruffler foot do you think you could use elastic thread to create the ruffle look??

  6. I love this version! But I do have lots of left-over Christmas fabrics, too. May make some to give as gifts. Thanks for a great idea!

  7. AHHHH sooooo cute !!
    I am dying to do some
    of those !!
    Thank you for the wonderful
    pictures and ideas ~


  8. Love all the trees but especially LOVE this version..SO cute! And I think a ruffler foot is on my Christmas list now 🙂