Repaint Furniture with 1 Little Box!!!

HI friends!

I am SO excited to share this new product with you guys!

Most of the questions that we get asked each day are about repainting and revamping furniture.  One of our very favorite brands has answered all of those questions in one small box!

Our great friends over at Rust-Oleum have made such a great new product!

It’s called Furniture Transformations!  With the purchase of 1 box, you can rejuvenate outdated furniture pieces with a great, durable finish!  The best part?? No need for stripping, sanding or priming!! 

Now that’s my kind of product!  For those of you that have been here a LONG time, you may remember this chest of drawers I turned into a hutch!  I originally gave it a coat of blue, but a few scuffs later I turned it black.

When I heard about Furniture Transformations, I immediately knew this would be the piece I would try it out on!

This product is amazing.  You can paint just about any surface in 3-4 very easy steps.

Step 1 is a degreaser.  Simple.

All you do is use the included scrub pad and give your whole piece a good rub down.  This gets rid of any grime and fingerprints.  After that dries you move to step 2!

Step 2 is your bond coat.  This is the can that you will get tinted when you purchase the kit at Home Depot.

I chose the color called Winter Fog!  It’s a really pretty light gray.  Furniture Transformations can  be tinted to any of the 24 different colors shown below!

I used a roller brush and paint brush to apply mine.  The dry times were quick.  It went on like a thin latex paint, which I loved because it eliminates seeing brush strokes.

After your bond coat dries you are ready for step 3!  That is a optional decorative glaze.  Many of you know love the look of glaze and how it catches the lines of your furniture.  I decided to skip this part on this piece, but to apply it you just brush it on, and then wipe it off!  Easy!

Finally is your top coat!  I used a foam brush to apply mine.  It went on great, and took the dull finish of the bond coat to a perfect satin finish.  Just shiny enough!

It is really that easy!!

Some of my favorite things about this product before I show you the results….

~ You can paint almost any surface including laminate!!

~It is a durable finish that will withstand scratches and 5 kids over time 😉

~ One-Stop Shopping! I love the fact that you can get all you need in one easy purchase!  This comes especially in handy when pushing a stroller and cart at the same time… Just saying!

~ Great color options!

~PRICE!  The entire kit sells for just around $39 at Home Depot!  Seriously!  How great is that?? By the time you purchase 5 other products to possibly achieve the same results, you will be way more out of pocket!

And finally…

~One kit covers up to 35 square feet!  That’s the size of a kitchen table and 4 chairs!

Did I mention it’s only $39?? 😉

Want to see how mine turned out???

I love it!! It makes me happy when I look at it!  And I have some product leftover, so I may just go find something else that needs to be Winter Fog!

So… What would you paint?? Table, dresser, maybe a bed??   CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN FURNITURE TRANSFORMATIONS KIT!!!

In the meantime, you can read more about Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations HERE and also watch a video on the product HERE!!

Thanks so much friends and let me know if you have any questions!  I would love for you to spread the word and pin this product below 🙂 !! Thanks again!!


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  • Jennifer Stout

    I’m concerned about how a kitchen table would stand the beating on this finish? Heat? Water marks from glasses? I hate to do the process ( I’ve used it on my kitchen cabinets and love it, so I’m not actually worried about the process) and have it “marked” by heat marks or water marks and have to cover the table with a table cloth again anyway??? What do you think about using a higher shine polyurethane finish, rather than the top coat in the kit? It does not leave much of a shine.

  • Susan Walker

    Can you use a paint sprayer with this product?

  • I have a dresser that I’d love to paint!

  • Sally Poe

    How many coats of the Bond Coat did you have to use to fully cover the black?

  • Jill

    Did you have to sand down the piece of furniture first ?!

  • Kristin

    Hey I stumbled across your blog when I searched for rustoleum furniture transformations. I really wanted to refinish an antique vanity in white but it looks like that color isn’t an option. The photo of the paint looks grey, but your hutch looks white–what is the winter fog color really like?

  • OhmyWOW is all I have to say. I stumbled on your website via pinterest and cannot leave! Love your blog-it’s been a fabulous start to my day. 🙂

  • Sara

    Hi there! Just found your blog via Pinterest (it was your fabulous farmhouse table!) and I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited to follow you! My finance and I will be moving into our first home soon and I hope to revamp many old pieces for our home. Thanks for sharing great ideas and techniques!!!

    • Shanty2Chic

      Thank you Sara!! So glad to have you here!! Thanks for your sweet message ;-)!

  • Love it! I so want to try this on some things around here! Mary

  • France’s

    Hi, I really want to try this on an old ugly piano! Is the paint stinky? Do I need to wear a mask to paint? Thanks!


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hutch!! I have an old dresser that could SO use this product!!! It would look so great!

  • Heather S.

    It looks gorgeous! Great job!

  • Kris Aikens

    Just bought a cute old side table and that will be my first refinish with this product! Liked it Facebook!

  • Jennifer

    That looks great and easy! Thanks to you I now know how I can fix the nightstand in our guest bedroom! Thank You 🙂

  • Joyce

    I plan on doing 2 counter tops with 1 kit, then who knows what will be next!

    Wondering which other stores carry this product, Home Depot I checked doesn’t carry Onyx.

  • eranfaraway

    This kit seems so handy! No more wandering around wondering what is compatible with what! I would repaint my old craigslist dresser. It’s in serious need of a face lift!

  • tina

    I would use it on so many things… I love Rust-Oleum… I have a certain dresser that could use a new re-do….

  • hazelruth

    I would refinish several pieces of old furniture that I’ve had for years that need a makeover! Almost as bad as I need a makeover but that’s a different story…..thanks!

  • hazelruth

    I’m following Rustoleum on Pinterest!

  • Thanks so much for showing this one! I have been trying to figure out what to do to revive a couple pieces of furniture at my place. Now I know!

  • Kristy A

    I just bought a large wood and laminate desk that needs some serious love! I’ve been researching on the best way to go about refinishing because it has some deep scratches and areas where the stain has been rubbed off. I was at Home Depot literally an hour ago to buy some spray paint and saw this and my face light up like a kid on Christmas! But with all the issues with my piece I didn’t pick it up. I’m glad to hear how great the product is. We also used the countertop transformation kit and it came out beautiful! I’d love to win this and give it a try!!!

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  • Would this work on kitchen cabinets – doors and drawers????

  • Tracey

    I would love to paint the vanity in our main bathroom! This sounds like a great product and would love to try it!

  • Doris

    I am currently trying to redo an office. Would live to try this product on my built-in bookcases!

  • Cara Christensen

    I am dying to paint my beautifully outdated dresser from my childhood bedroom and move it to my baby boy’s nursery. I’m wanting a professional look (not my usual spray paint job) without days of sanding and priming. This kit sounds perfect…thank you!!!

  • Erin

    I would use this to redo my daughter’s bookshelf. It has seen better days.

  • Nichole

    They have a cabinet transformation kit also – we used it and LOVE the new look of our previously run down kitchen cabinets!

  • What a great product! I have a console table that I really do not like the color or style much but kept because it was my daddy’s (he passed away already). So I REALLY want to refinish it so that it will match my taste and decor but yet still be able to keep something of my dad’s. This would be PERFECT for it! I was thinking of fun colors maybe yellow or a turquoise….

  • Jenny

    This sounds amazing and your hutch turned out beautifully! I have a bedroom dresser that is the last piece in our bedroom to get updated and I have procrastinated because of all the sanding/stripping part….. this sounds like the perfect solution to get ‘er done!

    The dresser has some dents, can filler be applied first?

  • Cati Basile

    Oh my gosh this is AMAZING! I’m going and getting one of these today for a dresser makeover!!

  • Karen Klager

    I have wanting to do my kitchen cabinets, I wonder if it would work on that?…A lot of the work is in the sanding & prepping & to be able to skip that part is great…Anyway, your hutch came out beautiful!!

  • I love it! I have an old dark hutch I would use it on! 🙂

  • I have a buffet I have been wanting to do for a long time! Your Hutch came out so nice!

  • Love this! I need to redo my pie safe/hutch that I got when my grandmother died. Right now, it’s green, and I think it would be beautiful in Winter Fog!

  • Melissa Blinson

    I have an old dresser I got in college that I would love to redo. It’s got good bones but the color is horrible.

  • Karen J

    This looks so easy and your hutch came out beautiful. Would love to try this and have the perfect pieces to try it on and do believe the winter fog would be the perfect color also.

  • Amy T

    This is great! I was intimidated to try to revamp any furniture until now! Our house is filled with hand-me-down furniture just begging for a make over!!

  • We are going to be painting bedroom furniture for our twin girls (moving out of cribs). I think this product just answered all my questions and eased my fear of painting furniture since I haven’t done it before! 🙂 If we were wanting white furniture, I guess we don’t select a color/tone or is the winter fog white?

  • tammie

    i think i’m in love. i bought a hutch several months ago that i’ve done nothing with (picking the color has been the worst). i am def going to try this little box on it. thinking cabernet…..

  • Barbara Mars

    WOW! How great is that?!?!?!? Would love to try this on my bedroom furniture! Thanks for the giveaway and love your blog!
    Thanks again –
    Barbara in TN

  • Brandy

    Oh my gosh! This stuff looks awesome! We just bought our first house and are furnishing it with all used furniture. I’ve been “treasure hunting” for te past few months and I have a dresser that will be my first project. I plan to make it a changing table for our baby girl! I’m so excited!!!!

  • Sharla

    I have a set of dresser drawers that definitely need a makeover. Love all your projects! 🙂

  • Amy

    I’ve got a couple headboards that need to be painted. Would love to win! This looks like a very cool new product. I’ll have to look for it in the store.

  • I’ve been hearing A LOT about this stuff! I’m super curious to see how well it will work on laminate. I have a bedroom set that needs some major love and I’m even thinking our master bath cabinets. I’m sold. Thanks for trying it and sharing your experience. I’m sure I will be trying this soon 🙂

  • Pam Robinson

    Love this project SOOO much!

  • Erica

    We used their Cabinet Transformation kit for our kitchen last summer, and it was AMAZING!!!!! We got a whole new look to our cabinets for $140 bucks.

  • Wow! Love what you did to the hutch! I definately have a few projects in need of this ‘little box’!! I wonder if it comes in a weatherproof outdoor kit! That would be awesome!


  • Natalie

    I have an old fashioned closet that needs a little “rustoleum makeover” how fun !!

    Thanks for sharing this with us

  • Amy

    What a great idea for a new product! It’s perfect for a headboard and dresser I need to redo!

  • Lindy

    This is just what I was looking for. I just bought 2 used desks that are in desperate need of a makeover.

  • I love the before and after. I’ve got to paint atleast piece of furniture “the right way, one day. I’m “one of those” …
    Thanks for the tip

    • Lisa

      Can you do this with kitchen cabinets?

  • Shannon

    I love the wood in the back. I would love to add the wood to the back of some old IKEA bookshelves I have. What did you use? Hopefully something not too heavy.

  • Debi

    Would love to use this to redo a kitchen table and chairs that I have used for 25+ years!

  • That is just too beautiful! Thanks for the advice. I have a desk that needs redoing and this is just the ticket!

  • Oh, I have a den coffee table that needs doing…among other things. This product looks like just the ticket! Your hutch is so beautiful.

    • Sunny

      Beautiful! Can you distress the edges with this kit too?

  • It looks lovely. Great work. I will have to try it!

  • Just bought one of Rust-Oleum kits yesterday to do a old hutch for my kitchen. Haven’t started the project yet. Hope my results are as beautiful as yours.

  • Carol

    Wow! This product was made just for me, since I have always been afraid to paint anything because of the sanding and priming involved. My grand-daughter has an old wood dresser that we got for free that I would love to paint. I think I see a summer project coming on.

  • Becky

    Perfect timing! I was going to purchase all the products to paint my bedroom furniture this weekend! You just saved me a bunch of time and money! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  • Vershawn

    I. LOVE. this. I can’t wait to try it!

  • Reghan Swenson

    I want to use this on our breakfast table. It looks so easy!

  • I am DYING to re-do a headboard!

  • Tammi Grommes

    This looks super easy. I have a hutch that totally needs a makeover!

  • Kayla Canales

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait to try it! have a dining room table to redo! How did you do the boards in the back!!!

  • melissa mathews

    Ah! I can’t wait to use this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wood you added to the hutch!

  • Karey

    I am not sure what I’d use it on. But I do have my eye on a chandelier @ the restore shop in town. thanks for the chance to win.

  • Eric

    I just got a cheapy laminate bedroom set for $75 (headboard, long dresser/mirror, tall dresser, night stand) that I would love to try this on! Curious to see how well it works on laminate!

  • julie

    I would paint a headboard and nightstands! love the seaside color!

  • Leigh Ann

    I would love to try this on my dining room table and chairs!! I have been wondering how well it works.

  • Tasia

    Ah why didn’t I think of that. The hutch looks GREAT!

  • Amanda udy

    I have two night stands and a head board I want to make over!

  • Cassie

    Could you use this to paint countertops for a quick makeover?

    • Elsa

      Rust-oleum also sells a countertop transformation. We used it on our countertops. The company is easy to work with if you have any questions 🙂