3M Filtrete Water System Giveaway!

Hey friends!  Hope you are all having an awesome Friday!

I recently installed a new faucet in my kitchen that I love!  My family drinks a LOT of water, and I thought this would be a perfect time to test out 3M’s Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System!  I LOVE how easy this product is and I think you guys will too!  Here it is all set up with my faucet…

filtrete faucet system

Fits perfectly and it’s so easy to have clean drinking water in no time!

The installation of this was super easy!  I just had to do a few simple steps…

review filtrete

The valve easily attaches to your existing water valve.  You just use a wrench to unscrew it, push the valve on, and then attach your water hose right back on… Simple.

filtrete review

The white tube attaches right to the valve with one push and then runs up to the filter!

filtrete filters

This is also very simple to install.  It comes with a small green piece (seen at the top of the filter) that you attach to the wall with screws.  Then, the filter easily clicks right into it which makes changing it out a breeze!

Now for the faucet piece!

filtrete filter

This is how it will look before you install it.  You will either need an existing hole (I chose to use the hole where I had a soap dispenser because we never use ours), or you can drill a new hole for the faucet piece.  It easily goes in the hole and then you use the attached bolts to tighten it from under the counter.

When it’s all finished it looks like this!

filtrete faucet water

And I really compromised no space under the sink!

filtrete drinking water system

Now with a quick press of the button we have fresh, clean drinking water.  And you can actually taste the difference.  My kids love it too.  I actually caught my 6 year old hopping up and using it like a water fountain the other day… He won’t be doing that again :-), but I do like how they can easily use it too!

A few perks about this bad boy…

~The whole system can be purchased for under $100!

~ Takes up no space (which is precious around my house)

~Filters last up to 6 months!

~ I know that I am feeding my babies and family clean water… PRICELESS!

Another product that meets my list… Simple, fast and affordable!

I told our friends at 3M that I knew you guys would love this too!  They agreed to give one Shanty reader their very own Filtrete Drinking Water System!

How do you win??  Just answer the question below!  You can get an extra entry by following 3M Filtrete on Facebook!  Follow the links below!  You can also read more on this great system HERE!

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  • That it is already on my counter! Can’t get any easier!

  • Kristin Corbin

    I like how it doesn’t take up too much space and is cost efficient as well =)

  • Filters lasting up to 6 months! Sign me up!

  • Love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and clean water is available right at the sink. saves me from walking to the fridge for filtered water all the time.

  • I love that it doesn’t take up much space under the sink. I have so much stuff under there already so this could actually fit!!

  • My favorite feature is that it takes up no space!!

  • Rebbekka

    I love how easy and small it is. Also that the filters last so long.

  • sleepyheadedmom

    I like that it’s not installed to flow out of the existing faucet and is separate. Some filtration systems filter everything through the faucet and it seems like it would be a waste when it comes to filters if you are using “drinking water” for cleaning and everything else. We have a well and although it’s safe to drink the water I’m not a fan and I don’t fully trust well water…especially when sediment comes up occasionally. yuck!

  • Paula

    I would love one of these. I’m buying way too much water.

  • Sam

    Love that the filters last up to 6 months, the one I’m currently using seems to need to be replaced every other week and the filters are so expensive!

  • tweetyscute

    I love that it lasts for up to 6 months

  • Carrie M.

    I love that you can choose when to use the filtered water!

  • Denise

    We are constantly purchasing bottled water and this would not only save us $$$, but save us space too. By space I mean, this system takes up barely any and we’d save space by not having to stock cases of bottled water. Excellent giveaway!!! 😀

  • dmw212

    Would love to win. I like that it does not take a lot of space!

  • Karie Dawley

    Love this! We are WATER drinkers in our house! We have 2 Britta pitches and they are always almost empty! It’s such a hassle to always fill them up! We would love this in our house!

  • Susan Broughton

    Takes up very little space and all can be bought for under $100

  • love the space saving design!

  • Jackie

    I love that it is concealed and will still provide my family with clean water.

  • Melissa Stovall

    OMGosh! So glad you posted this! I’ve been so worn out by buying and lugging around water bottles & have been looking for a water filter system to install in our home! This fits the bill with cost, size & simplicity! So EXCITED- thank you for sharing!!

  • Stephanie Lanphear

    I love that it is hidden under the sink!

  • Amber

    I love that the filters last so long and how easy and small it is.

  • Chrissy Farnan

    I like that the water is filtered right at the sink. We have a filter on our fridge but for the coffee pot an other things it would be great to be able to filter form the tap!!

  • Nichole

    My husband and I are looking into filter systems right now for our new home. Love the small footprint it gives and that the filter lasts for 6 months!

  • Heather Haagen

    We have a filter container system, but it doesn’t fit in the fridge and takes up a lot of counter space, so this would be ideal!

  • This would be awesome! We currently use a water cooler and hauling those jugs gets hard! The filter looks very easy to use! Love it 🙂

  • disqus_8xiw7jVZSt

    wouldn’t have to go to the fridge for filtered water, tap it is!! – that would be so great.

  • Love that it’s space saving and doesn’t take up the entire under cabinet area!! I sure need all of the space I can get!! 🙂

  • Karen Haskins

    I buy so much bottled water… and I panic if I get below one full case! I would love to know that I always had good drinking water! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  • Filtered water for my family at anytime??? Amazing! Looks easy to install and use!

  • A TW

    This would be great for cooking. I currently keep filling and refilling a filter pitcher in the fridge.

  • This is so much nicer than the Pur filter I used to keep on my faucet!

  • Lora Wikle

    I love how compact it is, plus it is under the sink not out for everyone to see.

  • Val Manchuk

    Filtered water makes coffee taste really smooth. If we won this unit we wouldn’t have to stand around, drumming our fingers on the counter top…waiting for the Brita to fill up.

  • Marci S.

    My favorite feature is the convenience of getting filtered water from my sink! I wouldn’t have to stand for 2 minutes at my fridge waiting to fill up my glass of water!

  • Elizabeth Sanders

    I love the fact that it is out of the way and not visable, just great water. How awesome!

  • Amber Campeau

    Love that it’s easy to install!

  • Kathleen Bell

    I like that the filter last 6 months

  • Jami Cobb

    The affordable price!

  • I would love to NOT have to buy bottled water. I just can’t bring myself to drink our tap water!

  • Cindy Martin

    I like that the water filter system has its own spigot and doesn’t take up much room under the sink.

  • Alisha P

    I would LOOOVE to win this, considering the fact that the water in my town looks pretty questionable most of the time haha! And the fact that it only has to be changed every 6 months is just awesome! Crossing my fingers!!

  • Alicia

    Loving the 6 month filter

  • I like how it filters the water and only has to be changed every 6 months.

  • cbrashears

    Thank you for the chance to win this. It would be wonderful for my daycare. I use our water from the faucet all the time. I think it is OK, but it would be nice to have it better for myself and the little ones. What a great idea!

  • I like the clean water and that the filter is good for 6 months or more! Wow! LOVE!

  • Lori

    Amazing faucet with all the great features you could want!

  • I love that it last 6 months and its seems easy to install!

  • Elizabeth Pratt

    I’ve been meaning t look into a water filter for a while now. Hope to win!

  • I would LOVE this!

  • Kathy

    We live in the mountains and have well water. I would love to have this filter so we can stop buying bottled water. I love the simplicity of installing it. I’d love to have this in my kitchen.

  • Maria

    Looks easy to install!

  • What a great price and it’s not so big it takes up all the space under the sink!

  • We have well water and this fine filter would make our water sooo much more “drinkable”!! Even if I don’t win it, I just might have to break down and buy one! Thanks for the info!

  • Becky Jones

    Beyond the safe water- I love that it looks sleek and unobtrusive to visitors in the kitchen!! thanks so much – what a useful giveaway!! 🙂

  • Laura Strack

    I had a filtration system at my prior home, 4 years ago. Boy, do I miss it! I would love to install the 3 M Filtrete Drinking Water System. It looks so compact! I feel like I am wasting money when I buy the plastic water bottles. But it is so important Not to drink tap water. Chlorine is not good for our bodies. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome filter system!! It would be so nice to have clean drinking water at our fingertips, once again.

  • Sallie

    I love the fact that it takes up no space- unheard of with other filters. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I love that it’s easy to install. I like to do things on my own and if it’s difficult, it probably will never happen.

  • I like the idea that it takes up very little room. I would love to have one in the kitchen and one in our camping trailer. When traveling, you never know what the water is going to be like.

  • Definitely need one of these so I can stop getting filtered water for cooking out of my fridge!

  • great for our bodies and great for the enviroment! no more plastic gallon jugs!

  • Claudia

    Thank you for the opportunity. This is something the hubs and I have been talking about doing for ourselves for some time now.

  • We have a filter on the fridge but this looks much nicer!

  • debbie mays

    I love our water filtration system! Such an Eco friendly way to stay healthy.

  • I drink a ton of water — 100 ozs a day and I love that it would last up to 6 months! Not to mention a plumber just told us today we need a new faucet!!

  • TammySue Davis

    We spend so much money in bottled water, no to mention the plastic water bottles. We would so benifit from it.

  • Kristen

    I like that it lasts 6 months. It seems like we have to change our frig filter every couple of months! Gets costly!

  • Suzzi

    Boy, I would love to chance to have one, but when the entry wanted to gather information from my google account and when I said no – it puts up an error and so I think it is a no-brainer just to say “congrats to the future winner” and thanks to the sponsors and Shanty2chic (Best blog!) for giving it away.

  • Kathleen Gansert

    I love that it doesn’t take much space under the sink, It’s great that it can fit in the space already drilled for the soap dispenser. It makes it more convenient to install and looks great.

  • Laurie

    I love the minimal space it takes up.This is a great feature for a crowded kitchen. Thanks.

  • Anne Marie

    I love that it is space saving!!

  • Marsha

    Had a similar system in the home I just moved from. Would love to have one in my current home – works great.

  • teresa jones

    this would be great for the family since my grandaughter loves water

  • Bryanne Fidler

    Would love to start cooking with filtered water. Love this!

  • Holly B

    I love how little space it takes up; so important in our small apartment!

  • need this!

  • Jessica w

    I love that it lasts up to 6 months!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • I like that there are no bulky attachments to the faucet. Keeping those clean and out of the way is impossible!!

  • toadee_25

    It looks fab…I just hope it works. We have purchased many different types and have had little luck! Dianntha

  • Love this idea, you don’t have to mess the your faucet but still have great on demand filtered water.

  • helen

    That’s clever! I like that you don’t have to mess up the pretty look of your faucet with a bulky white “Brita” attachment anymore. Sweet!

  • I like that it’s easy to install and the filter lasts up to 6 months.

  • I like that the filters last up to 6 months

  • That would be great to enjoy healthy drinking water, and to be able to install it so easily; thanks for the great giveaway.
    ♥ Noemi

  • looks great! Thanks!

  • I love that it is so easy to install!

  • Janelle

    Love the easy to install, easy to use!

  • KC

    looks easy to install!

  • ajawee83

    I like that the faucet is hidden.

  • Guest

    i love that it is priced right and easy to install!!

  • I love that you dont have to have that bulky PUR filer in the faucet!

  • Comfort in knowing my family is drinking clean water!!

  • Thank you so much for the generous giveaway. I live in an area where plastic waste frequently is dumped close to the waterways and I even read research on it where it says local water may lead to infertility 🙁 I would love to win the filter because it will provide my family with pure water and because it’s so easy to install for technology-challenged people like myself 😀

  • I love that the filter only needs to be changed every 6 months!

  • Sandi Allen

    Love how long the filter lasts and clean water!

  • Shawn Byrne

    Clean water!!!

  • Nicole King

    Would love this option for clean water by the sink verses the fridge filter my cooking and making drinks. Thanks.

  • lhamer

    It doesn’t take up home or fridge space!

  • Sarah E.

    I love how long the filter lasts! We just got a new faucet and can’t use the filter we used to have and I’m dying without our filtered water!!!

  • I love how easy it looks to install and how inexpensive it is!

  • Guest

    I love how easy it looks to install!

  • Great giveaway for our family of water drinkers!

  • It sure doesn’t take up alot of room under the sink and I would just be excited to win because I could finally end going to the store to fill up water jugs. We have well water.

  • Robyn G

    I love that the system is mounted by the sink and that the filter lasts so long.

  • Michelle Gale

    I love how small and affordable it is! Filtration systems aren’t usually so cost and space efficient! Excellent product 🙂

  • I love this and it’s great that it doesn’t take up too much space. I could really use this, my family only drinks water.

  • Tasha DeChellis

    Our filter just died, so this would be great!

  • I need this and the size and price are right!!!

  • Kim Swan

    What a great system! Perfect for my water loving family.

  • Thien Do

    Oh I would love this! I’m very paranoid about faucet water and other filters but gotta love 3M!

  • Christina’s Adventures

    I love that it doesn’t take up much space, and it seems easy to install! 🙂

  • Allison Chappell

    I had no idea I could do that and have it be so affordable! I love this idea!

  • Elis B.

    I like the filters last 6 months

  • I would love this! I have an old house so having filtered water straight from the sink would be so helpful and I could toss my Brita pitcher taking up valuable fridge space 🙂

  • My in laws have one of these and they are amazing!!

  • sk.smith

    Nice that it doesn’t take up much space!!

  • I love the finish on the faucet. Beautiful.

  • Love this and a space saver is a bonus

  • Jen P

    We have a small kitchen so I love how little space it uses!

  • Love this. I hate the taste of our water.

  • Liz

    I love how little space it takes up!

  • Easy instasllation

  • Tina

    Easy to install 🙂

  • My favorite feature is that it is small and out of sight. I had a large outdoor system on another house. This would be great just for drinking water!

  • The ease of install…but it’s pretty too 🙂

  • Jennifer Bergstrom

    ease of install and how little space it requires

  • I LOVE that it lasts 6 months! perfect

  • This is exactly what we need!!!!

  • Jenny

    The water fountain aspect

  • Lisa May

    I love that it is under the sink.

  • My fav feature is that it looks SO easy to install!

  • I love drinking fresh great tasting water!! thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Vixen

    When does the contest start?