DIY Woodworking – Queen Bed

Hey guys! I am so, so excited to share my new bed with you!!! My mattress is officially off the ground and on this BEAUTIFUL wooden bed!!!

DIY-Woodworking-BedI am in LOVE 🙂  I partnered with Home Depot to build this bed.  All of the supplies and tools can be found in their store so it’s a one stop shopping trip! You can get the full tutorial and FREE printable plans HERE or just click the image above!

Love the bedding?  I think the texture and the white look so pretty with the style and color of the bed!  I found it at Birchlane!  You can click here to check it out!

I also promised to share modifications to make this bed a King size! It’s a simple adjustment to modify this to any mattress size 🙂 Make sure to measure and cut as you go for the trim.

King: Add 16″ to the width

Full: Subtract 6″ from the width and 5″ from the length

Twin: Subtract 21″

I spent about a weekend of work on this from the first cut to the final coat of stain and about $400 total in lumber.  Your cost will vary depending on the trim selections you make.  $400 is great for a wooden queen bed not to mention, the bed that inspired this piece is $3,000 before shipping and tax! WOW!!

Now, go check out the tutorial, free printable plans and more pictures over at The Home Depot Apron Blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


  • Allison Prince

    I see that you wrote that to make this a king bed, you need to add 16″ to the width. That seems simple enough, but when I actually sit down and look at how to do that, I’m stuck. It doesn’t seem as simple when I’m looking at all the cuts and alternate measurements to be made. Have you by any chance written up full plans for a king bed? Thanks!

  • Justin

    The 2×3 casing on the foot board is not the same depth on the board from top to bottom (my fault). Any suggestions on spacers I can place behind the trim to even the look out? Maybe a thin strip of wood to soak in stain? Thanks,

  • Justin

    I can’t find 2×3 boards in my local stores. Can I substitute 2×4?

    • Yes, the over all look of the bed will be different because the casing won’t be flush with the sides of the headboard and footboard now. I think it would look great still. The measurements shouldn’t change. Hope this helps!

  • Lyndsay King

    Hi! I am curious about the measurements for a California King size bed. IUt would need to be long as well correct? Thanks

  • felicia

    what color is on the wall? love it

  • Tasha Anderson

    Do you have plans for a king size frame?

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  • Stephany Oliver

    * third shorter side rail

  • Stephany Oliver

    Hi. This looks amazing! Would it be possible to just make a this side rail shorter in place of the footboard?

    • Ashley

      You could. You would still need to use the 4×4 piece at the bottom of the footboard. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Debora Cadene

    This is an awesome bed, but as many times as I’ve looked around, I can’t find the cut lists, or any details on the side panels and assembly. Did I miss a link someplace??

    thanks bunches,

    • Debora Cadene

      Ok…I got to it. The computer was blocking it as a pop up. Thank for the plans…

      • Ashley


  • Sarah Griffiths

    I really LOVE it when you guys post how much it costs to build… It really helps. What was cost on this?

    • Ashley

      Thank you for catching that! I meant to add it to the post. I spent about $400, which may seem like a lot but, the bed that inspired this one was $3,000 before shipping and tax 🙂