Hi all!  Hope you are all fantastic!  I haven’t posted much in the past week because I have been pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this piece!!!
It may be hard to believe but it once looked like this!
This is a piece from our game room.  There is nothing wrong with it but my boys are getting older and I really want the room to have a more mature look.  This hutch fits great in the corner however, the yellow, blue and sports decor didn’t fit with the picture I had in my mind…
I started by taking the cabinet doors off and cutting the wooden sport decals out of the doors.  I used my Ryobi battery powered circular saw to start, then Whit’s hand saw to tackle the hard-to-reach spots and finished off with a good sanding to smooth the edges.
Enough of the elbow grease….let’s paint!
I used a Shanty Sisters fav ~ Rustoleum American Accents Canyon Black spray paint all over ~ 2 coats and quickly moved on to the detailing.
I measured and cut pieces of burlap to fit on the inside walls of the hutch.  Next, I hot glued the edges down to form nice seams on all sides (my hot glue gun is my best friend seeing as I do not know how to sew ~ she gets’er done!!!!
When the burlap was ready, I sprayed Elmer’s Spray Adhesive on the inside corner of the hutch and used a ruler to smooth the center of the burlap all the way down the corner.
I then pulled the burlap tight to the edges and placed several small tacks behind the outer edges.
Next, I pushed the pegs through the burlap into the holes…
and placed the newly painted shelves back in their spots.
Now she’s starting to come around…
I continued the same steps all the way up to the top.
Now for the impact detailing!
I used my 3M sanding block to distress all of the edges and corners…
and hot glued 4ply jute twine on the bottom edges of each shelf to give a more finished touch to the burlap!
One final important piece!
I cut down a piece of molding to fit the top of the hutch…
gave it a good spray down with our fav Canyon Black…
turned the hutch on her belly and attached the molding to the front using Gorilla Glue Epoxy!
Next, I attached the cabinet doors and finished her off with a cute set of knobs that I purchased at Hobby Lobby!
What was once this….
Is now a chic piece of furniture that I can display in any part of our home!
I’ll leave her in the gameroom for now but who knows….she may make it around the house a few times!  I’m so happy with my new corner hutch and it has given me just the motivation I need to start decorating our gameroom!!!!
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  1. Awesome job! I love the molding! It's refreshing to see all these great ideas! I often look through your older posts and get new ideas.

  2. Awesome Job Ashely.. I love it.. You are both so talented..Thanks for all the ideas. Maybe one day soon, I will be able to decorate Madison's game room. These ideas are wonderful…


  3. That turned out beautifully!

    Just wanted to mention that today I went supply shopping to make the magnetic recipe holder and a cake stand. Everyone wanted to know what the heck I was doing with such odd supplies and when I told them they couldn't stop gushing how creative it was! Just wanted to pass their reactions onto you both! 🙂

  4. Beautifully done, and I'm so glad that you were specific with your tutorial. Someone else might have just tossed this piece, but you've turned it into a lovely piece of furniture. So nice!!! Please considering showing this piece on Wednesday at my boardwalk Bragfest.

  5. This is so great! You are very creative with your repurposing!! I look forward to every new project that comes out on your blog! 🙂

  6. Love it, burlap and all. See I am not a burlap lover but you guys are making me reconsider. I big puffy heart Canyon Black. I think it is no longer American Accents but now just Rustoleum. I think they repackaged it here. Anyway…random thought of the day 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness! What a 360!! Looks sooo good! Thanks for sharing. Your sweat and blood paid off big time.

  8. Wow. That is amazing! Thank you so much for giving such detailed tutorials. It really helps the rest of us — who are a little lower on the "creative genius scale" the impetus to start a project of our own. Really beautiful!
    – Suzanne

  9. This would make a great addition to my link party tomorrow Ashley….you 'made it with what you had' for sure and the result is stunning :o)