So, I have slowly been decorating the boy’s bathroom in a mature, rustic/cowboy theme. The towel bar was the last addition to the bathroom and that was some time ago so I decided that I needed to address their bathroom once again. I just wanted something cute and colorful to put on their counter tops and the idea went from there.

I bought 3 mason jars from Michaels at $1.27 each (I later found a set of 12 at Wal-Mart for $7 FYI) and that was the only purchase for this project…not bad! I decided to put bathroom necessities in the mason jars (q-tips, cotton balls, etc.) I liked Whitney’s idea on her dining room table to use the picture frame as a tray so I found a frame in my closet and began piecing everything together.

I painted the rims on the tops of the jars with Burnt Umber Acrylic (2 coats) and I painted the frame with Antique White Acrylic (2 coats) and glazed with the Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze. While the paint was drying I cut three circles out of a cute piece of scrapbook paper to fit the tops of the jars and I cut down a coordinating piece to fit in the frame (I did not use the glass on the frame). I filled each jar with necessities and when all was said and done I had a cute accessory for the bathroom counter that is also functional ~ As always ~ Enjoy!

I will be posting this at A Soft Place to Land for DIY Day… Check it out… Lots of great ideas there!!
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  1. I added this to a post I had on a different tray from a frame at Grab my "featured" button.

  2. Wow you did a great job with those canning lids. They look old and antiquey. I am having a Radkill Rescue party on Monday. I would love to have you.

  3. Now that is clever. I really like the color/pattern combinations. Very Cute! You guys rock tonight!