I have been wanting to do pillows for my couch for months now. While I do LOVE the look of those super cute burlap pillows, I can’t imagine laying my head on one. So… I have been eyeballing these pillows over at PB… So cute and simple and I love the big buttons. I decided to make some and came up with a few short cuts and tips along the way. This is how I made my PB pillows for 1/3 of the price…

You will first need to know the size of your pillow form. I used a 20X20 form for this pillow.
~Cut 3 pieces of your fabric. The first one should be 2″ wider on one side and 4″ wider on the other side. I cut my first piece 22″ x 24″. The second piece will also be 22″ on one side and half that on the other. I cut mine 22″ x 11″. The third piece will be 22″ on one side and 3/4 of that size on the other… I cut mine 22″ x 17″. I found this awesome fabric at Joann’s with the quilting fabric and it is similar to a canvas but only $4.99 a yard. For my initial pillow you will see below I used a $4 drop cloth from the paint section at Lowes.

~Finish one 22″ side on each of your smaller pieces. I used a serger to finish mine. If you are using only a sewing machine just fold the edge over twice about 1/4″ each time and press it with the iron.

~Now for your big piece… I like the look of the PB button but I decided to make mine a faux button because it’s easier and nobody will ever know:) Decide where you want your seam to be on the front of the pillow… I like mine on the side like PB’s. Fold your fabric over 1″ and press it with your iron. This now made that piece of fabric 22″ x 22″.
~Use your machine to run a stitch about 1/8″ from the crease of your fold. This will be the front of your pillow.

~This is the best time to add your button. If you have a machine just attach it using your zigzag stitch without your feed dogs. If you don’t know how to machine stitch your button, just hand sew that puppy on.

~Above is what the top of your big piece should look like…
~Now lay your two smaller pieces on top of the big piece. You want your good sides to face each other. Your two smaller pieces will overlap by a few inches which will be where you insert your form once finished. Pin your edges to hold everything together. It should look like mine does below.
~Now use your machine to sew all four edges together… I used my serger so yours may look a bit different.. Just run a straight stitch about 1/8″ from the edge down each side. When you are finished take all your pins out.
~ Now the fun part… don’t worry… you are almost done:) Turn the whole thing right side out. Make sure you use your fingers to push your corners out straight and run your iron over all four edges to get a crisp finish. Below is mine just before I ironed it.
~ Now take your machine and make a straight stitch 2″ from each side around the entire sham. This will give you your finished edge.
~Your stitch should look like mine below…

~Now stuff that pillow form in from the back and you are done…. Woohoo… and wasn’t it easy. Now I did my very best to explain this in a few of words as possible SO…. if you are confused on any part or have any questions just leave me a comment or email. Just make sure you leave your return email so I can get back to you. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial… This is a bit more lengthy and boring than most but I wanted to help you girls make your own:) Now sit back and enjoy my new pillows… Did I mention that these were 1/3 of the price of PB??? Yeah!

I will be adding my pillows over at Twice Remembered for Make Your Mondays… SO glad she is back!!

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  1. LOL..I never knew I had a love for pillows until I just made one!!! Come see. I think it's such an instant gradification project. Yours are fabulous!

  2. Great job! They look really nice. I wish I could sew. I've covered pillows before with just fabric and a glue gun though LOL, so there is hope!

  3. The pillows look great!!! I love the canvas and the fact that you used a drop cloth. I have seen drop cloths used for curtains and they looked really nice too. It looks like you painted your initial on the pillow. Any tips as to how you did the paint for the initial. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Whitney,
    Those looks great! You are one talented lady. I haven't used a serger before, but my mom is giving me hers so I will have to learn. Where did you learn to sew? I learned a little in Home Ec. and the rest from my mom.
    Great job!