Hey Guys! Most recent “project”: Turning a shanty headboard into a wooden bench! I just loved this project from beginning to end. I have been wanting a wooden bench for some time now so I have been scouring Craigslist day after day trying to find the “perfect” bench at the “perfect” price to no avail. I had finally given up on the matter when Whitney showed me a wooden bench, on a blog she follows, that a woman made from an old headboard. I just loved the idea so I was immediately on a mission!
I hit the antique store downtown and found the “perfect” headboard for $10! Yes, it was beat up, stained with paint, missing the finals and it had been outside in the elements but I saw great potential. I sweet talked my husband into building the bench (I’m not up for saw 101 just yet, I like my fingers just how they are) although I did take notes on how he did it for future “projects”. He bought 4 fence planks for the seat and 3 2×4’s for the framing. We also “borrowed” a piece of shelving from Whitney’s garage (thanks sis) to use for the bottom shelf where I will be placing woven baskets. Once the bench was constructed I sanded the fence planks (no one wants splinters in their behind) and roughed up the headboard a bit so it would soak in the paint. I decided on black eggshell for the paint. It only took 1 coat on the unfinished wood and 2 coats on the headboard:) I let it dry for 24 hours because the paint will peel up when you distress too early, I have learned. I like to distress a lot!!!!!!! I really like the worn look so I sanded every corner and edge with a lot of force. Whitney and I found a great unfinished wooden piece at Lowe’s that I painted with Antique White acrylic, glazed with Antiquing Medium 819 and glued to the center of the bench with Elmer’s Wood Glue (love that stuff). As I mentioned, the headboard was missing finials and I just couldn’t find the “perfect” wooden finials at a reasonable price. Whitney kept telling me to use two feet that she bought at Lowe’s and wasn’t needing anymore. Well, of course I finally gave in and I am so pleased with the way they turned out. I also painted those with the black eggshell and distressed them. Since they are feet they screw in and I had holes on the top of the headboard – wasn’t going to work – so I just placed them on top of the headboard and secured with Elmer’s Wood Glue! Total money into the project was $26 and it’s an original. I love this bench for so many reasons but most of all because my husband and I did it together and it sits at the end of our bed in our bedroom. Hopefully we can pass it down to one of our boys when they are married!
I have uploaded before and afters. The only thing I am missing right now are the baskets which I will place on the bottom shelf and toss pillows! When I get them I will post new pics but I was too excited to wait on this post! I will be posting this over at the Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformation Thursday… Check it out… Lots of great ideas there!!! http://www.theshabbychiccottage.net/2009/09/beautifying-back-door.html
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  1. The bench looks great. Love the distressed black. Great job. Don't blame you about the saw. Even after 9 years in business, I'm still leary of ours. xo

  2. Love this! I found a head board the other day that I am going back to get today so I can do this. Thanks for the great inspiration & thanks for linking up with me. Make sure BOTH of you enter the giveaway.

  3. Wow! I totally didn't see it as a headboard until I scrolled down and saw the before photo! It looks amazing! Thanks for all the photos and details!

    ~ Pam

  4. The bench looks awesome…. I have been pondering doing that same thing with a headboard I have, but wasn't sure how to proceed. The pics helped a lot!

  5. It's beautiful! What great vision you had – it turned out great and is a nice addition to your room. Wonderful job!

  6. WOW – it looks fabulous! I really love old headboards – they usually have such great character. Very cool!

  7. Love the bench! Super cute! This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! πŸ™‚

    Rachel~a little bit vintage

  8. It looks great! I hardly recognized it from the "before" pics. Can't wait to create something like it!