So, I thought I would share the girls’ beds finished… Almost.
I love them!  The only thing I still have to finish is the storage underneath.  Here is one…
I wanted a functional storage bed with a fancy headboard.
HERE is the inspiration for my headboard!!
HERE are the instructions I followed for my twin storage beds!!
I spent right around $110 on each bed not including paint.  I thought that was a steal for the function and cuteness I get from them 🙂
As I went looking for baskets on Sunday I had an epiphany.  I was having trouble finding baskets that made me happy at a decent price and I saw some unfinished wood crates at Joann’s.  I knew I could recreate them and that they would make the perfect storage.  I made one to show you in this picture and I will show you in my next post how I did them.  They were super easy and cheaper than any basket I found.

Hard to get them both in the picture with good lighting but I gave it a go anyway!

I’m pretty sure after now making two of these babies I could build one with my eyes closed.  The building part was easy but I was kind of over the whole painting thing after one bed!  However… I am so pleased with the results!!
These beds are the same color as their dresser.
I probably had 50 or so of you ask about that great Valspar paint color.  I used semi-gloss with the primer mixed in the paint and these are the codes for those that still want it.
The number above the barcode is 

107-35, 101-3.5

The number below the barcode is


Not sure which one the paint guy needs 🙂

Next up… Finishing 576 or so storage crates for under the beds and then deciding on a nightstand to go in between the beds.  

Hope you like them!!  My girls do… And now they can’t shove junk under the bedskirt… Whoop!

Finally… Thanks so much to all of you who leave sweet comments!  I reply to those that I have a return email for but if you leave me a question in a comment and don’t leave your email I can’t return it.  I’m not ignoring you… I promise 🙂


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  1. Okay Whitney I love the beds but I see one huge issue. Since,I have the same issue and it screams at me everytime I enter the room, I am hoping you may have a great idea to fix it. Those darn eave doors….The beds look great but against that eave door it steals the thunder. How do we eliminate them??????? You have got to have something up your sleeve. PLEASE!

  2. Wow! I just love all these building projects you are doing. I've gone to the Ana White site and oh my goodness – so many ideas! Now instead of searching craigslist/the local thrift shops for a new king size bed my husband and I are thinking of just building our own!

  3. oh man, i love this! i wish we could build something like this in a queen, but there are just too many things going on in our home now. way to go on this project!

  4. The crates instead of baskets is genius. So much sturdier too. I just finished making a full sized storage bed for our guest room. I haven't painted it yet. I am not looking forward to that. Gonna wait until summer for that massive project. The full storage bed is a bit different and the cubbies are not as big. I used 2"X12" instead of plywood or 1"X 12" so my dimensions are a bit off. I hope those crates work for me too!

  5. Absolutely love the beds (how can I not…considering I used the same inspiration bed to build our master bed!)

    They turned out beautifully. And what a brilliant idea for storage!

  6. those are so cute! I love the storage, but not quite sure how you could 'boy' up those headboards? Maybe just a rounded top? hmmm… something to ponder! lol!