Hey guys!  I finished my outdoor storage cabinet:)

If you missed the build you can check it out HERE

This was the ultimate motivation behind the new storage cabinet…..  Nice huh!

I painted the entire shelf before I nailed the back on and I painted the front side of the plywood before nailing it to the cabinet.  I painted the back after and this made it sooooo easy to paint!

I purchased fence hinges to attach the doors

and fence hardware for the handles.  I also used outdoor stain to match our fence and the lounge chairs  that I built to tie everything together!

I chose rolling catches for the doors to ensure the doors would stay shut and they were super easy to install!

That was it!

The mess moved from the table into the cabinet but the beauty is that the mess is now hidden behind doors:)

I think the hubs likes it….

I love the cabinet and I also love the $70 price tag.  It was super easy to build and it’s very sturdy!!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. That cabinet is awesome! I wish I had something like that to store all of our “stuff”! We have the same outdoor dining set and I see you took off the back cushions. Mine keep falling over and it’s driving me crazy! Why didn’t I just think of taking them off? Geez.

    1. LOL! We took ours off for the same reason and I was going to put them back on for the summer but the seat cushions are more faded than the backs and it looked bad:( Martha should have added ties to the back cushions darn it!

  2. I’m so impressed like your other followers. What skill level is needed to complete something like this? My husband used to be a carpenter – but it is like living w/ the shoemaker… so many unfinished projects around here so I don’t dare ask him to “show” me how to build something else. How does one develop this skill to do all this?! I just love it that you are so talented!!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Regina! I would say this was one of the easiest pieces I have built! As long as you have a good drill and bits it shouldn’t be difficult for you! Use Ana’s plans and take your time! The doors were a little more tricky but the shelf itself could be done by a beginner! Let me know if you have any questions!!!!

  3. Wow!! Your cabinet looks amazing! I really really love it! We could definitely use one of these!!

  4. I love this!! I need one of these for my outdoor space too! You might just have inspired me to make this!

  5. What a neat cabinet and so useful! You did an excellent job building it. One caution though, hopefully you’ve anchored it to the wall so it won’t fall over on a little child etc..

  6. I did have a question…my husband is afraid that this would be a tip over hazard. I know Ana’s plans are pretty solid, but is yours fastened to the wall? If not, does it feel steady on its feet?

  7. awesome!-thanks so much for sharing this! i just love how it turned out and i think i “need” one:)

  8. Such a good idea! I have storage cabinets, but none with a TV!!! That rocks.

    1. Hi! Not a stupid question at all:) We have a covered porch. Before we had the cabinet to put the TV in we would use a grill cover over it….not attractive but it worked;) It doesn’t get wet in the cabinet under the porch at all:)

  9. That looks great! Love the way you can close it all up to protect the tv and hide the “stuff”!