Hey guys!  We are super excited to share this fun project with you today!  Everyone loves a great outdoor chair, to lounge in, especially in the summer!  We’ve got a fun spin on an adirondack chair!Adirondack-Chair-DIYHow fun is this?!  It’s bar height, giant and super sturdy and comfy! I built it for our back patio and it was THE chair to fight over at our 4th of July BBQ (and my hubby has asked for more;) )

Click HERE for the FREE Plans!

Happy Building!

~Ashley and Whitney 🙂


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  1. The foot rest piece that shows in the materials list at 1x6x26″ scrap piece, that should actually be 2x6x26″ as later described in the plans. You can see the footrest piece in the finished picture is thicker than a 1×6. Just an FYI so you can plan ahead.

  2. On page 5 when you cut the 17” pea green colored pieces to a 5 degree angle then put them between the 2 back legs they dont line up. You cant have 2 same length boards far apart like that at the same angle and it line up. We spent 2 hours and it all came apart at that step. Are they not supposed to be angled?

  3. I hate to ask but is there anyway to get the plans in vector art?
    the pieces of wood that are needed in particular?

  4. The pictures and drawings make it appear the chair is square. The cut list shows a 5 degree bevel on the spreaders that I assume makes the front wider the the back. Is this correct?

    When I was getting ready to complete step one on the plans, I discovered the reference line on the front supports are approx 2″ too high, anyone else concur?

    1. I had exactly the same problem. Maybe we’re the only ones to actually make this. The diagram says to place the seat support at 25 5/8″ but it is definitely 23 5/8″

        1. Just had the same problem. Was it ever figured out? The back spread of the 17” boards are at a 5 degree angle and that doesnt connect the 2 back legs when they are that far apart. Are those 17” boards supposed to be square?

      1. yep …same here :(….wish I would of seen these comments before I got this far
        Now back to readjusting and see if it will work. .

  5. I want a bar height lounge chair for my balcony so I can lounge and look over my railing. Ever heard of that?

  6. Is there somewhere I can get these plans without signing up to Ryobi nation? I created an account but it won’t let me sign in! Help!