Hey there! As, promised, I am back with the matching benches to my Outdoor Dining Table!  If you missed the free plans and the Outdoor Table tutorial, you can see it HERE!  The benches are so great with the table but they would make great stand-alone benches too!

DIY-Outdoor-Dining-TableWhat do you think???  You may not believe it but the table and 2 benches were only $125 in lumber total!!!!  FOR REAL!

And, of course, FREE Printable Plans!  You can click HERE or the image below to print your own 🙂



I also have the step-by-step tutorial and pictures to help you as you go!  If you built the table, it’s basically the same idea on a smaller scale. Both the table and the benches are very easy to build so let’s get to work!

ridgid-sawI started off making my cuts.  We like to say measure and cut as you go, so I cut my 2×6 seat pieces first.

kreg-k5Then, I drilled all of the pocket holes into the 2×6 boards.  I set my Kreg Jig and the depth collar to 1.5″.  To check out our beginner how-to video on the Kreg Jig, just click HERE!

boards-with-pocket-holesHere are the two boards for the top of the bench and you can see that I have circled all of the pocket holes.  The boards won’t attach in the middle (they need space between them since they will be outside) so there are only pocket holes towards the outer edges to attach the trim).

attach-trimI measured for the trim and then cut it (45 degrees on both ends – not parallel).  To attach the trim to the planks, I used 1.5″ Kreg pocket hole screws and wood glue.  You don’t have to clamp here but it does make it easier if you are limited to your own hands 😉

seat-assembledHere is one bench top assembled!

attach-legsNow for the legs! 1.5″ pocket holes and 2.5″ pocket hole screws and wood glue 🙂

benches-with-legsThen, I attached them to the benches with 2.5″ wood screws.  ( I like to use the Spax screws from Home Depot so that I don’t have to pre drill but they are pricey.  Standard wood screws will work fine here too.)  I also added the top stretcher here with 2.5″ wood screws.

attach-side-stretchersNext, I attached the side stretchers, to the legs.

Ryobi-18v-Right-Angle-DrillIt’s a tight area, so I used my Ryobi Right Angle Drill and a short Kreg driver to attach but you could also use 2.5″ wood screws and drill them through the sides of the legs and cover the holes with wood filler.

attach-runnersAfter the legs, I added the last stretcher

attach-long-pieces-of-xthen, the long pieces of the x’s.

attach-short-pieces-of-xAnd finally the short pieces.  Lots of pocket holes showing here so I did fill them with wood filler. Now, it’s time for the finish!

Rustoleum-Carrington-Stain1I applied 1-coat of Rust-Oleum Carrington stain with a clean cloth, let it sit for 5-minutes then blended it wit a new, clean cloth.  Rust-Oleum is hands-down our favorite stain because it is 1-coat, looks super rich and it dries in 1 hour!  Perfect for busy mommas and daddies 😉

Picture-31-2After the stain dried, I used my Ryobi Corner Cat Sander to distress all of the edges!  This isn’t a must – we just like our furniture to look a little old 🙂

RustOleum-Spar-VarnishLast step – I applied several 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Spar Varnish in Satin finish!



And, because I only spent $125 on the ENTIRE set, I was able to splurge on a set of chair (from World Market), pillows (from Target – outdoor) and a centerpiece!


DIY-Outdoor-Dining-TableI found the smaller lanterns, pillows and LED candles at Target (outdoor section) and the large gallon jug and decorative fishing net are from Amazon.  You can click the boxes below to purchase them!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


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  1. Just curious is there a wood filler you recommend for exterior furniture? I built this and filled the holes with what I thought was exterior wood filler, painted several coats of exterior paint, but after the first rain the wood filler bubbles up and peeled the paint. Thanks

  2. I have a question, do you use treated lumber for these outdoor projects? It doesn’t look like the boards are treated, and I was concerned that not doing so would shorten the life span of the furniture being outside. Or does the finishing products help protect it enough. I live in Kentucky and it is much more humid and wet that in Texas. Just curious on your thoughts.

    1. We haven’t had any issues with humidity and our outdoor furniture, so far. If you are concerned, you can try shopping for lumber with a higher moisture content. Call around to your lumber yards. The spar varnish that we use does help!

  3. Do you clam,p the 45 degree 2×4’s in order to not have them move? When i tried to screw them together i couldn’t get a perfect corner…

  4. What cloths do you use when staining? Have you come across cheap ones? I am assuming you throw them away when you are done? I usually use old white tshirts from my husband but I am running out of old ones! Thanks! 🙂

    1. If you have a Cal Ranch close by they sell a huge compressed bag full of old ripped up clothes for around $15. This will last you a really long time for staining projects 🙂

    2. Sorry for the delay! I buy big bags of ripped up white clothes from Home Depot. I think a big bag is $11!

  5. I enjoyed your class at Haven and fell in love with the Carrington stain. Your benches are beautiful…just like all your projects!

    House on the Way

    1. Hey Ashley,
      Follow the dimensions on the plans for the two long pieces and attach them first. Then, I get a piece of 2×4 and cut one end at 45 degrees, then hold it up to the bench and mark a line where the piece will attach to the “x” then cut it there. Make sense? No tape measure:) to get the long cut measurements, I did use my tape but you can use my measurement for that!

      1. Perfect! I was hoping for an easy explanation 🙂 Thanks! LOVE all your stuff and have made several things for much cheaper than retail cost. So thank you for saving me and my husband money! 🙂