Well, it’s back-to-school next week and this is always a hectic time in our house!  I did manage to whip up these cute Chalkboard Tags and I love how versatile, cheap and easy they were!

Chalkboard Labels

Here’s how easy they were:)

Hobby Lobby Wood CirclesI purchased a bag of these unfinished, wood circles at Hobby Lobby.  They are uner $1 after the %50!

Drill Hole for Twine Next, I drilled a hole (large enough to fit a strand of twine) at the very top of each circle.

Chalkboard Spray PaintI then used Rust-Oleum’s awesome Chalkboard Spray Paint!  It only took two coats on each circle!  I love the texture of this paint and the chalk goes on and wipes of perfect!


After the paint dries, fold a strand of 1-ply jute twine in half and slip the loop through the hole then pull the other end through the loop!

Art supplies in mason jarsHang them on a few large mouth mason jars for fun art supply storage!  If you are a teacher, this is an easy way to shanty up your classroom!

Easy Chalkboard LabelsI also plan to use them for our next cookout to display silverware!

Chalkboard LabelsI thought this would be a fun teachers gift for the first day of school!  Fill it with what ever you like and write his/her name on the tag!

chalk tag

Only $.25 per tag!

Mason Jar Labels

I love how easy and cheap these Chalkboard Tags were to make!  My mind keeps swirling with fun ways to use them:)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. As one who would love to have granite I just about had a heart attack when I saw your drill poised over your counter with only paper underneath ;-).

    1. LOL! My granite is fairly new and I catch myself about to glue and paint on it all the time. I did think this one through. VERY little pressure was needed on the drill for this one:)

  2. This is adorable! I love chalkboard paint! Thanks for the great idea! I might use this on different storage jars in my pantry!
    Neaten Your Nest

    1. I did for this project but had a thick stack of newspaper underneath. I did not need to use much force for this:)
      Sent from my iPad

  3. Hi ladies,
    Just dropping in to say hello! These tags are super cute, thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!