Hey guys! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we made this cute Coffee Mug Display 🙂 We LOVE coffee – that counts right?


It’s quick and easy to build your own. I’m going to show you how I did it but you need to go over to our friend Jamison’s site – Rogue Engineer and download the FREE Plans! And while you’re there, click around a bit and check out all of the awesome furniture he and his wife Jamie have been busy building!


Start by making all of your cuts – 2×4’s, 1×3’s and 1×2’s.


Next, build the “L” pieces by attaching the 1×2 and 1×3 boards to each other with wood glue and 1 1/4″ brad nails.


You should have 2 L’s.


Now, attach one 2×4 to one end of the “L” pieces.


I used wood glue and brad nails here too. I nailed through the top of the “L”


and the sides.


Then, do the same to the other end of the “L” pieces.


Add the middle 2×4’s the same way and that’s it for construction 😉


Now for the finish! I applied one coat of Varathane Carrington stain to the entire piece.


When it dried, I added some cute hooks and it was ready for the wall!


To attach it to the wall, I just drove 3″ screws from the front of the display into the studs behind the wall. Make sure to mark your studs and use a level!

That’s it! Easy enough right?


Coffee-Mug-Display DIY-Coffee-Mug-Display

The great thing about this Coffee Mug Display is that it is totally customizable! You can built it larger or smaller depending on your space!

Thanks again to Jamison for the FREE Printable Plans! You can get them HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!


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