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  1. Hello! I would love to make this miter saw bench but can’t seem to get the plans through any of the links. Could you email them to me?

  2. Love this as all your other projects, however the plans are no longer available on home depot’s site. I would love to have them to build this workbench. Please send 🙂
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Could you please e- mail me the plans for the miter saw bench? Can’t wait to build it. Thank you. Connie

  4. Hello! I am also unable to access the plans on Home Depot’s website. Would it be possible to have the plans e-mailed to me?

    1. Yes I am unable to access the plans through home depot as well and was looking forward to building this stand this weekend…would it be possible to add a new link or email plans as Well? Thank you!

  5. Love this plan! My husband and I plan on buying a sliding miter saw soon so we’ll be building this table for it when we get it. Thanks so much!

  6. I can’t get the link to load the instructions. The Home Depot site opens, but won’t show pictures, and then the printable link says it’s not available. I was hoping to start this project today and can’t get the pictures/instructions. HELP PLEASE!

  7. Hey! Wanted to build this but looks like home depot took down the photos. Any way we could get those to help build this awesome saw table? THANK YOU!

  8. Hi, noticed the photos are gone from the Home Depot site on this great miter saw table,as I’m just about to start this project. is it possible to email me the plans with photos?

    1. Any chance you still have the plans for this? Home Depot has taken them off the website and I’d like to build it.

    2. Hello, the plans are no longer available on the Home Depot website. Could you kindly email them to me or post another link.


  9. I found this project through Pinterest and my husband and I built it this weekend! We have a 12″ Hitachi miter saw, so we built the very top to suit our saw perfectly, but we love the stand!! I tried to upload pics from my phone, but they must be too large!

  10. I followed the instructions, mostly, and ended up with a fantastic miter saw workbench. Many thanks! I had to raise up my saw to accommodate taller shelves as they would have been < 3" otherwise. I also added a tamper resistant outlet (to keep out the saw dust) to the back of the fence with a 9' cord. This is perfect for the miter saw cord and gives me the additional plug to charge or use other tools. The only thing I have yet to find is a wire mesh tray similar to the one you used to hold your pencils.

  11. Love it. I think its time to get the mitre saw off the floor. Do you have any thoughts of how I can incorporate this with a Kreg Jig work station?? Many thanks!

  12. Why is the upper table/cutting surface cut narrower than the lower table top?

    This results in the storage cubbies sides and the lower table base have a greater depth than their upper tops- Why?

  13. Built a slightly modified version. So happy. I made The unit a total of 8′ long. I made drawers under the extensions and added a four plug electrical box with a 50′ extension cord so I can roll this unit out into my driveway. Added a swing arm light for night time cutting!

  14. After building two of the Kreg work benches and having my miter saw sitting on top of one….it just isn’t working for me….this bench is phenomenal….my new fall project for sure!

  15. That’s funny. Right now, I am literally waiting for my husband to pull up to the house so we can go to HD and buy a miter saw. THIS IS AWESOME and I LOVE YOU TWO!