Hey guys! We are SO excited to share the secret project we have been working on! large_1e5f3f56-27f2-4fbc-aeca-0c91cc03ae62

Whitney and I designed this Rolling Workbench with an extension wing. It’s perfect for any garage and it’s easy to collapse it and tuck away. There is also TONS of room to store all of your tool collection 🙂 It truly is the ultimate workbench for any DIY’er!


Thank you and Happy Building!

~Ashley and Whitney

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  1. Oh and the cost for everything including new jigsaw and blades, kreg jig, new circular saw and recip. saw blades (needed new ones) total came to $280. If you take out the circular saw and recip. saw blades your’re looking to spend around $230-$240.

    1. Including the cost of a tool in the project is similar to including the cost of an oven to bake a pizza. Once you purchase it you have it to use in every project.

  2. After going over the project plans, I noticed that the 2x4x8 cut list is incorrect and in the end (or beginning) you would only have 2 of the 3 (needed)19.5″ 2x4s for the table top frame (missing the center piece). You can clearly see in the print out that the yellow 19.5″ on the 2x4x8 should really be 22.5″ and the green be 19.5″ not 22.5.” So how can I get the third 19.5″ piece of 2×4 for this project? Well I hope I’m wrong and someone can please point out the obvious i’m missing (besides going back to Home Depot lol) so excited to start building this project!

      1. Okay awesome and thank you so much for your response and for these plans! About to start cutting now! Have a great day!

  3. And construction sites trash, if they’ll alow you. And demo jobs have a ton of wood that just needs cleaned up!

  4. Keep in mind! Use the tops of older furniture from thriftstores, garage sales. Perhaps a relative has something they’ve been dying to get rid of. . A coat of paint will make anything match. Reuse everything!

    1. I spent $76 yesterday at Home Depot for the wood, the casters and the 2 1/2″ Spax screws. I already had a jig at home and the screws. That means I have to buy the peg board ($8) and the hinges (?). So a minimum of about $100 depending on what you have at home and what you’ll need to buy. Not a bad investment considering how much use for years to come you’ll get. I don’t have a workshop, garage or basement, so this is worth the investment for me; and I can just roll it away when I’m done working for the day.

      1. Thank you for this! I haven’t had time to sit and do the math on what I spent and I did have scraps I could use! That’s a great investment for sure!