Before we get into building the DIY Wall Planter we need to cover some exciting news! We are still waiting to learn if the network will order more episodes (we should know something very soon) but Open Concept is re-airing on the DIY Network, this Friday night, July 15 at 11pm & 11:30 EST/ 10 pm & 10:30 CST!!! We have had so many emails and comments on social asking us how to tell the network that you want more Open Concept. The very best way to have your voice heard is to tune-in LIVE!  The network needs to see your TV on and tuned-in LIVE to Open Concept to count your view πŸ™‚  We are so thankful to have been given this opportunity and we would love to get to help more families! So, if you have seen it already, please, still tune-in live and make your view count πŸ™‚ We will be watching LIVE with you and appreciate your support!!


Ok, now for the hanging wall planter! We have had so many requests to get this tutorial up, so we had to move it up the list and get it to you all ASAP!


We built this wall planter for the Berry’s dining room for episode 3 of Open Concept on HGTV. We were lucky enough to have left over scraps of the barn wood that we used for the vent hood, planked wall and barn doors on the study console. We found the barn wood from Reclaimed Designworks and it is AMAZING!  This company has several locations throughout the country and they sell online. The tear down barns, from all across the US to salvage the barn wood! Then, they remove the nails, clean up and kiln dry the barn wood so that it’s safe and ready for your project – how amazing is that!?! We went to the Dallas location, picked out the color we liked and they loaded a packaged box of planks in our car and we were off to our shops, ready to work! You can click HERE to see the color we picked!

Now for the build! This wall planter is a very simple project! I built it with only a nailer and a saw and it’s totally customizable! You can use any type of boards on it and make it any size you choose! Here’s how I built it!


To start, pick up a 24″x48″ sheet of 3/4″ plywood from the hardware store.


I found these wall planters at Crate and Barrel. You can find them HERE. I bought 12.


I started on the bottom of the plywood with one piece of scrap wood and applied wood glue to the back of the board.


Then, I turned the board over, flush with the bottom corner of the plywood and used 5/8″ brad nails in my Ryobi 18 gauge Airstrike Nailer to attach the boards to the plywood.


You don’t need to use a ton of nails. A few will do the job. The glue is what will eventually hold the boards in place. The nails are just to keep it from moving while the glue dries. If you don’t own a nailer, a hammer and finish nails will work too.


Now, you can move on to the next board. Just cut it to fit on the plywood and attach it with wood glue and brad nails.


Work your way up the board. There really is no wrong way to do this. Just make sure that the joints don’t match up from row to row. My boards were all different widths, so I made a pattern based on the widths.


Now, space your wall planters across the board. I marked center first, then marked center from one side to the center and the same on the other.


Next, just attach each wall planter to the board.


That’s it! Ready for the wall!


Step one to hanging – have Whitney hold it for you πŸ˜‰ We used a stud finder to locate the studs behind the wall. Then, we just used 3.5″ wood screws and drove the screws from the front of the piece into the wall. The boards are reclaimed and once the pots were in the planters, the screws weren’t noticeable at all.


Hang on Whit, I’m almost done πŸ˜‰ Put one screw in first, then whip out the level and make sure the piece is level before you put another screw in. We did two screws per stud, two screws at the top of the piece and two at the bottom.


Now for the plants πŸ™‚


Add potted succulents and you have yourself a huge piece of functional art that is sure to be a show stopper πŸ˜‰


This is the second plan that we have shared from the Episode 3 of Open Concept! You can find the plans for the Modern Farmhouse Table by clicking the pic below and you can find many other Open Concept plans HERE!


Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to join us LIVE for the re-air of Open Concept this Friday night, July 15 at 11 & 11:30 EST/ 10 & 10:30 CST on the DIY Network πŸ™‚

Interested in the other things in this space? Get the info below!

Dining Chairs from Wayfair HERE

Chandelier from West Elm HERE

The mirrors on the wall can be found HERE

Hanging Basket on Wall from World Market HERE

Napkins from Anthropologie HERE

Napkin Rings from World Market HERE

White Dinner Plates from Target HERE

Round Salad Plate from Target HERE

Table Runner from World Market HERE

Woven Chargers from Hobby Lobby

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  1. Hi there! I love this planter! A friend is building it for me. Any idea how long a project like this would take?

  2. Hi ya! Is there another source for the wall hangers? The link takes me to crate and barrel wall sconces. Am I missing something? Love this and can’t wait to build it ?

  3. I have the same question! If they are real plant how do you keep the water from going everywhere when watering them?

    1. They are succulents. They require very little water. I take them out and water them in the sink then put them back.

  4. Really cool project. But…this may seem like a dumb question…if you use real plants, how do you water them without the water running all over the floor?

  5. What brand and color of paint did you use for the walls? They are a great match for this wonderful project!

  6. I hope you ladies get picked up. Is Open Concept available through the HGTV channel on Roku or through some other method? My lady wife and I cut our cable and work mainly with Netflix and Amazon Streaming.

  7. Hello Ladies! My husband is going to make this for me. Where did you get the pots, I love them!

  8. I can’t wait to do this next. I built the modern farmhouse table with my dad and painted it white. It’s so beautiful and we had so much fun together! Although I waited too long to snag those chairs and now they’re discontinued…I’m still on the lookout for something similar. Thank you for the plans!!

  9. Sorry I don’t have DIY Network so I wont be able to watch but anytime it is on HGTV I do. Love this art piece. I want to build it but not sure where I would put it in my house.
    Question, did you use real or faux succulents?

    1. Thank you Elissa! These are real succulents but we have found good fake succulents at World Market and Hobby Lobby πŸ™‚