Hey guys!

If you saw the scrap wood pile in my garage you might never come back to visit again…. Seriously.

My girls were in need of a nightstand for their bedroom so I decided to put these scraps (well a few of them anyway) to good use!

The result… A great table that cost me under $9 to build.  I used Ana White’s Farmhouse Bedside Table Plan for this one.  I finished it during one nap time… For real!   My only purchase were 4- 2×2 furring strips at under $2 a piece.  I used wood glue and nails on the whole thing.

My scraps were MDF from my 2 Storage Systems I built in the playroom and the nursery.

I found my pull at Hobby Lobby.  For those of you that can’t see that tag it says $3.99 and I got it half off… Whoop!

I gave it one coat of spray paint that just happened to match the paint I used on the table perfectly.  After it dried I scratched it up just  a bit with some 220 sand paper.  I thought it was a perfect touch.

I painted my table with 2 coats of Olympic satin paint called Off White… pretty simple!  I decided to leave her alone and not distress.  The pull itself was just enough shanty for this piece.

Want to see it all finished?? Ok… I admit it.  I couldn’t resist the urge to put my own lamp on this one rather than the girls’.  I love this table and I may just highjack it for my own room.  What do you think?

Not bad for a pile of scraps and $9 right?

I guess I will let the girls keep this one but I may just be building two more here soon.  I love it.

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