Hey guys!  So, I’ve been on a mission to create a rectangular wreath, similar to many that I have seen in some popular home decor catalogs! I finally came up with a solution and I’m LOVING it!


Isn’t it just too cute?  It only cost me about $15 and about an hour of work!!

Here’s how!

measurmentsI purchaed 1 – 1×4 @ 8″.  This is a great project to use up scraps.  You can also use a furring strip to save money if you don’t have the scraps.  I made 2 cuts at 22 3/4″ and 2 cuts at 18 3/4″.  You can make yours any size.  This just seemed to be a good size to me.

If you don’t have a saw, the saw below is the PERFECT saw for this kind of project.  It’s inexpensive and great way to get into building!

build-frame-with-pocket-holesI used my Kreg Jig to attach the boards.  You can see that I circled the places where I drilled the pocket holes.  I drilled 2 holes at both ends of each shorter 1×4.  I followed up with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.  If you haven’t purchased a Kreg Jig yet, don’t stress. You could also use wood glue and a staple gun to attach the boards but you will need to wait for the glue to dry and I would do staples on both sides of the frame (front and back).

GarlandNext, I purchased 2 9-foot strands of garland

attach-garland-to-frameand I bunched up the garland (so that no wood was showing) and secured it with my staple gun.  There really isn’t an art to this.  I just bunched up the garland in a zig-zag form.  You can adjust the branches as you go so that it looks full!

Burlap-GarlandOnce the garland strands were attached, I added a little bit of burlap garland!

wrap-wreath-with-burlapI started by stapling on end to the top of the back of the frame and wrapped it all the way around the frame.  Staple the burlap to the back of the frame everywhere that it wraps so that it stays in place. Keep wrapping until you reach the top of the frame again, staple to the back and trim the extra burlap.

pineconesI also purchased these cute little pinecones for about $.50 each!

cut-stem-off-pineconesI snipped the stems off

hot-glue-pinecones-to-wreathand hot glued them to the frame between each wrap of burlap.

burlap-bowNext, I made a burlap bow, just like the bow that I made for my Christmas Tree topper!  You can see the tutorial for the bow HERE! I just attached it to the top of the frame with hot glue wreathHere she is at this point.  I used dabs of hot glue and staples to make the bow lay exactly how I wanted it to.  This will be helpful too on windy days if it is hanging on your front door!  You can see that I hot glued the tails to the wrapped burlap too.

Now for the finishing touch!

chipboard-lettersI found these cute chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby.  Get them when they are on sale and you can snag them for about $.50 each!

Rust-oleum-Glitter-Spray-PaintI gave them two coats of Rust-Oleum Gold Glitter spray paint!

attach-letter-to-twineNext, I attached each letter to a strand of 3-ply twine with a staple gun through the back of the letter.

attach-twine-to-wreathThen, I just attached the strand of twine to the wreath with the staple gun.  I chose to hide my twine attachment behind the bow tails!

That was it!!!  She’s ready to hang on my front door, wall or my mantle!


How-to-make-a-Rectangle-WreathHere she is hanging on my Hall Tree Bench!


I just love this little cutie and you can change the word out in the middle and keep it up through out winter and fall!

I hope you love this Rectangle Wreath!  If you make one yourself, please email us your version.  We love seeing your projects 🙂

We always appreciate you social shares!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. My first completed project! It ended up A LOT bigger than I had anticipated. I thought I should use all of the wood from my 8ft 1×4. I ended up using 21′ of garland and had to get larger letters. It weighs 12lbs. LOL!

  2. I love this! I don’t have a staple gun — do you think hot glue would be strong enough to hold the garland on the frame?

    1. Thank you Brittany! I haven’t tried got glue but I don’t think it would hold the garland in place. I’d invest in an inexpensive staple gun. I got mine at hobby Lobby with a coupon for under $10! Hope this helps:)

  3. Best decor blog around! Thanks for sharing. It looks easy enough that I might actually remember all the pieces to buy when I go out. 🙂

    1. Yes, Melissa it is… so informative with clear intructions …and photos… a must for this “show me ” person..

  4. I have a bunch of big picture frames with no glass that this would be perfect for. Also thinking it would be cute to do with a boa for my daughters room door. Thanks for idea. I love it!!!