Hey guys!

I decided to make my hubby a little something for his office for Father’s Day this year!  I used one of my very favorite ‘Daddy’ sayings to make this project.  Here is how it turned out…

I made the printable in 3 different colors to give you guys options.  These are so easy to print.  You just click the printable you want to open the pdf file.  Then, just push print from your top browser bar… Simple! Oh… And free ;-)!

Father’s Day Gray Printable

Father’s Day Black Printable

Father’s Day Brown Printable

Now for the project…

You will need one 2×10 board from Lowe’s or HD.  I bought mine for $7.27.  Cheap!

I cut one piece at 11″ and another piece at 7″.  You can also have the hardware store cut it for you!

I used a new stain color on these!  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut, I found Kona!  LOVE, LOVE!

It only took one stain and dried super fast!

I decided to use the gray printable for my hubby.  I printed it on regular white card stock.  Then, I just trimmed the extra edge off.

I attached my printable to my big block using these bronze furniture tacks that can also be found at the Lowe’s.  No need to glue or use Mod Podge… Just hammer it on! So easy!!

I also printed a 5×7 picture of all the kiddos.  You can do 1 hour developing at Walmart for under $2 if you prefer that!  I used the tacks again to attach my picture to my other block.

That’s it… Under 1 hour and under $10… Woohoo!  And I know my hubby will love it.  That’s the best part!  What do you think??

I would love for you to PIN and share this below!! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a great weekend!!


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  1. Saw this on Pinterest, :-). I modified it some as I did not have much time to get all of the materials needed without my husband wondering what I would be doing, lol. But it is a wonderful project. I just may find myself on here again.

  2. I love this, I just want to show what I did with mine instead of using the picture on the other one, I did this… THANK YOU for the awesome idea. My husband loved it!

  3. And apparently I only uploaded the pic of the back of it the first time! Sorry!! I also figured out how to make the picture right side up in the meantime.

  4. My variation of your idea. I got the picture idea from Pinterest (I repinned it, so it’s on my board if you want to see it). I had problems printing the gray. It kept turning out purplish. So I made my own document. Took me awhile and couldn’t match your font, but I think it turned out okay. Also made a red one, but the kids got the final choice and chose blue. I stained my wood with a rag. it turned out darker than i intended so i sanded it a tiny bit after it was all dry. i used the exact same kona color that you used. I also nailed a little hanging bracket to the back so my husband has the option to hang them. I’m not sure if the bracket is big enough for the wood, though. we’ll see if it works!

    Thanks so much for the idea and directions!! Can’t wait for Father’s Day 🙂

    Ps sorry the pics are upside down. :/ I’m posting from my phone.

  5. Hi there! I found this post on Pinterest and am in the process of making it for my husband. He is going to LOVE this! Thank you so much! Ps…can’t wait to try so many more projects from your blog. It’s amazing!

  6. Any recommendations on something to put/spray/paint over the photo and paper to protect it?

  7. Whitney, would you be able to make me a printable for a soon to be first time daddy– with a son on the way. I really like the Daddy…”A son’s first hero” idea, unfortunately since he doesnt have a daughter the other line doesnt really apply…yet. Could you email it to me if you have the time.

  8. K, I really would love to make these, but I have the same question posted by another person, do they stand on their own or did you put something on the back? Thanks!

  9. Hi, just got done staining the wood, can’t wait to see the outcome. I have a question, do you use rustoleum for a reason other than just loving the product? My HD didn’t carry that (I even brought the iPad to show them). I ended up buying miniwax stain in something similar to kona. There are SO MANY other projects I want to try and will hunt down rust oleum if need be. Thanks! I’m addicted to your site!! 🙂

  10. Love this! Do they stand up on their own or do they have something attached to the back so they won’t fall over?