We now have a new reason to look forward to Monday nights!

Design Star!!!  If you missed the first episode you can watch it HERE!  Shanty Spoiler Alert:  Our recap of last Monday to follow:)

To start the contest off with a bang, the contestants were instructed to pair-up and decorate the penthouse they would be living in!  Fun:)

We loved this little nook designed by Kellie!  She and Karl were given the bonus room to design and this is what Kellie came up with for a little space under the stairs!  LOVE!

Here’s a shot of the rest of the bonus room!  Karl received great props, and was picked as the top designer for this challenge, for the accent painting on the wall:)

This was another fav of ours!  Cathy and Leslie (fellow Texan;) designed the main area of the penthouse and they did a fantastic job but these girls bring drama in our opinion and could be a recipe for disaster in future shows!  Makes it fun to watch though:)

Get the kids in bed, grab a good snack and join us for another Design Star watch party tonight at 9pm/8c on HGTV!  Can’t wait to hear what you all think!!!!

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign by HGTV Design Star.  Our opinions are our own.



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  1. Here’s a Design topic + my fast assignment writer template for high school in Google Docs. I think you might find it exciting to make some notes on each section of the research.

  2. Last nights show was fun to watch. I do not know how anyone could actually live in a room though with wadded paper stapled to the wall – it’s a dust mite heaven! Sometimes would like to incorporate more fun designer elements into my home, but they also have to be practical, warm and not be so specific that when we sell our house we have to paint over it all w/ neutral paint to be on the ‘safe” side.

  3. I watched it last night while husband was outside. I can’t imagine why he doesn’t appreciate it as I do. That one emmy winning woman (cathy?) is just annoying as spit. I’d like to punch her out. (I always find one that I just dislike intensely. I love Kellie. She seems to be a klutz like me (spilled paint all over.) The rooms were kind of cold, but I think it had to be that way because so many different personalities would live there. I’d have sent more than one home that first night. Some of that was dreadful.

  4. Sorry, think this all looks pretty cold to me, not warm and cozy and inviting at all 🙁 I do like the little space under the window, but for me, a nice fluffy pad so I could use it as a window seat and read a book 🙂