Got your attention!!!  We’ll it’s for REAL!  Our friends over at Garage Sales Tracker are giving away 2 yes 2 free IPhones now through June 4!
Why would they do that???  That’s another exciting announcment!  Garage Sales Tracker  has a new IPhone App designed to help you find garage sales in your area all from the comfort of your phone!  They are so excited about this new App that they are giving you the chance to win a free IPhone just so you can enjoy the App!
Many of you remember when we first introduced you to this fantastic site.  Well as if it wasn’t enough to have a list of every garage sale and consignment shop in your area from the comfort of your home computer, they have gone and improved your thrifting experience!  Now with the new IPhone App you will be able to search for garage sales and thrift stores while you are out thrifting!!!
Here are just a few of the many highlights the App offers!
1. My Location – This is such an awesome feature! Say you are driving through a neighborhood and want to know what garage sales are going on in that particular neighborhood. Using the my location button you can use the phone’s GPS feature to identify the zip code for your current location.  A list of sales will pop up!  That easy! 
2. Daily planner – This is a feature not even available on the website yet!  You can bookmark the listings you are interested in and map out your garage sale day on your phone! 

3.Contact seller – Have a question?  Contact the seller directly from the App!
This is one of the smartest Apps I have seen!  It will really take your thrifting to another level!
Now on to the Giveaway!
~You may enter Via Facebook and Twitter as many times as you would like!
~You must be registered with Garage Sales Tracker to win!
~You can register and get the rules and details for the contest HERE!
Well, I’m off to enter myself!  Good Luck to you all! 

Garage Sales Tracker

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  1. enter as often as you like. Hmmm. Confusing. I read the rules and I think they only mean once from twitter and once from facebook. I would hate for someone to be disqualified. . . . . Or am I reading it wrong and you can tweet about it every day? Because I *totally* do not mind tweet spamming my friends for an iphone!!!

  2. Hey ladies- Thought I would let you know that I gave you and award. Come on over and check it out… :O)