Submitted By: Raechelle Stover

Original Shanty2Chic project it was inspired by:

Project (URL):

Time to Complete: 10 days

Total Cost: $325

Finishing Details:
This was my first big DIY project, so I learned a lot along the way.

First, l tried to make the shelf out of two 1x5x8 and two 1x6x8 boards and just mount the two pieces side by side. This proved faulty right away as the wall was not perfectly flat and the boards were not either. I had to return to Home Depot to get a 1x4x16 and a 1x8x16 primed fingerjoint board cut down to my width, which was approximately 13' wide. Silver lining…I used the scrap wood from the failed shelf to make the two planters on the shelf.

Next, I learned the difference between silicone and latex caulk. Having researched the differences before purchasing caulk, I was very proud of myself for choosing silicone since everything I read about latex said it will crack and break over time. After I got the shelf mounted, I started filling in the gaps and cracks very generously with my silicone caulk. I chose white since I was going to paint the shelf white anyway. It did such a beautiful job of filling everything in and I was really getting excited about how the shelf was coming together. Then I tried to paint it…my silicone caulk was waterproof, so of course it would not take paint. Small panic attack. Did more research and decided to purchase latex caulk and just go over the silicone in hopes it would allow the paint to adhere. IT WORKED! Phew, crisis averted.

Another learning was using vinyl planks for the wall. I decided on vinyl planks for a couple of reasons. one being the odd shapes I was going to need to cut, and two being my lack of power tools and a workshop. The ones I chose were peel and stick, but I knew they would not stay up on a wall and would need to be nailed down. My original plan was to use two dark brown 1" panel board nails at the end of each plank. Best laid plans…some of the planks started to bow away from the wall. I ended up trying to insert an adhesive on a couple of planks that were bowing. Not successful…at all. There was no turning back at this point so I decided I would just add a nail everywhere I saw a panel bowing away from the wall. Let's just say I added a lot of extra nails. But they all blend in nicely and so it didn't change the appearance of the walls at all.


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