What’s going on guys??

I have been crazy busy this week revamping my dining room.  I got the itch… And decided to scratch it.  I was afraid it may not come back if I didn’t!

I have a picture of the dining room that I took 2 years ago.  The photo is a bit dark so bear with me!

My dining room has always been an afterthought.  I really kind of threw things in there as I would find them and I finally decided it was time to modern her up a bit.

I decided to go gray.  Best decision ever…. At least I think so 😉  Gray is a hard color to pick though.  It can go about 1400 different tones, so I would say the hardest part of this project was picking the color and not looking back.

I went with a Dutch Boy color called Route 66.

It’s actually a bit more gray than I think their site represents it.  I did need it to mesh with my trim because I had NO intentions of painting all of it.  I matched my ceiling to my trim.  Yes… I had to paint the ceiling (pregnant), but it wasn’t horrible to do at all!  I used a Dutch Boy color for the ceiling as well.

I want to give you guys a few details on how I painted it.  I LOVE the rollers I use… They make painting a ton easier.  For the cutting in and small spaces I used a Whizz 4″ roller from Lowe’s.

These are great because the inside is fiber also which means you can use it on the corners and cut in so easily.

I taped my trim off first, and after I did all my cutting in I used a larger Whizz 9″ roller on the wall.  These are so much better than the standard rollers.  They don’t leave the annoying streaks on the wall and they don’t seem to drip near as much.

LOVE.  You will too… I promise!  That was pretty much it.  I used 2 coats of paint on the ceiling and walls and I was done.  I have to hide the furniture in pics so you will have to settle for these for now…

It really is amazing how much gray can brighten up a room :-)!  I can’t wait to share my window panels I made with you tomorrow so stop back by!  I’m off to finish painting the chairs!

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  1. Hi! I love how the gray turned out! I recently made the decision to paint the boring beige in my house to soft gray-I thought that was the last color I would ever like on walls, but I agree it really brightens up a room and also makes the brighter accents really pop. I used Martha Stewarts “sharkey gray” in my living room and “gull” in my dining room, so pretty with my turquoise, green and citrus accents. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We just bought our first home in July and that is the color scheme of our Kitchen/Dining room. I loved it at first…now I go back and forth with it. My decorating style is country and I’m not sure if it works. It’s gorgeous though. I’m thinking for now to have the accent color be cranberry. Haven’t decided…still need to get curtains!!!

  3. I just went gray too and LOVE it. My color is BenMoore Eternity. I turned my dining room into my studio and LOVE LOVE LOVE the gray. I would paint my whole house gray. The room is bright and looks twice the size. Can’t wait to see the curtains, still waiting on that design element to wake me in the middle of the night… (that’s where I do my best designing!)

    1. Agreed! That’s when it usually hits me too 🙂 My fabric was my inspiration and I can’t wait to share it… Thanks again!

    1. I know it! I fought the urge to do that many times… I use them on all my furniture too! They are the best!