Hey there!  I was lucky enough to score a great pallet out of my hubby’s truck this weekend!  Whoop!  I could’t let all of that wood go to waste and I have been wanting to frame a cute quote that I recently saw so…. BAM!  I came up with this cutie!


It just makes me giddy!  Here’s how you can make yours nearly for FREE!

palletSaid pallet!  Not all of the boards could be salvaged but you should get enough to make 3 frames!

How_to_take_apart_a_palletDemolition time!  I just used my hammer to work the nails out!  It’s a little tedious but so worth it when you have free lumber and a little workout in return!

Cutting_a_PalletI used my cordless circular saw to cut the sides of the frame…

measurementsand to cut the boards.  The sides of the frame (the 2x’s of the pallet) should be 10 inches each and then cut 5 boards down to 10 3/4 inches.  ***notice the shape of the “frame sides”.  I made sure to get part of the curves when I measured my cuts.

Glue_the_JointsAssembly!  I used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue to attach each joint…

Ryobi AirStrike Cordless Brad Nailer

and followed up with my cordless brad nailer. This bad boy rocks!


Just attach two boards to the top and bottom of the 2x’s.

Gorilla_Glue_Wood_GlueThen, attach the back with the wood glue and nailer as well!

Back_of_FramesPiece of cake;)

Before staining, I gave the entire frame a good sanding with my Corner Cat.  I usually skip this step but I really wanted to get the muck off of the pallet wood…and it helps the stain absorb!

I picked Early American stain to finish this cutie!  Just one coat with a foam brush and let it sit for about 5-mintues.  Then, wipe it down with a clean cloth

HardwareOnce the stain was dry, I added these cute corner pieces that I purchased from The Home Depot;)  I attached them to all four of the corners with these flat head screws.

How_to_Make_Wood_Look_OldI wanted a more distressed look so I used my Corner Cat sander, again, to sand all of the corners and edges!

That’s it!  This frame will fit an 8×10 photo or any printable!  It’s so versatile:)






PalletArtDo you like this printable?  Click HERE to print your own for FREE!

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  1. Very creative! So if you don’t use the bottom of that pallet, I say cut the wood right off that sucker! Not.Worth.Pulling.Nails. It’s about as tedious as cutting in 😉 But for your project – totally worth it. Very cute.

  2. yikes, another Ryobi tool I need… that cute little sander! Good thing my local HD is reporting 7 in stock, well… everyone else better consider that 6 😉 Love this!