Hey there!  We get so many questions about what tools we suggest you have to start building. One of our top three tools we suggest is a miter saw. They can be intimidating, at first, but we have broken down the How-to-Use for you in this video!

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You can check out our How to use a Kreg Jig video!

~Ash and Whit

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  1. This is a great video and I love your enthusiasm! But I was alarmed to see in the first crosscut demo how you raised the blade up before it came to a full stop. I was always cautioned to leave the blade in the down position until it comes to a full stop. This eliminates any possibility of the spinning blade grabbing your board and kicking it back at you.

  2. Any chance of the second video you mentioned coming soon? About the mitering functionality? I got this saw+ stand (and a KregJig!) for Christmas!! Can’t wait to start creating…

  3. Thanks for the share! Another tip I would add would be to make sure you have the proper safety equipment on before trying to operate any saw. I don’t want to sound like anyone’s mom but a simple pair of work gloves and glasses can really go a long way.

    1. No work gloves should ever be used when operating most power tools! This was one of the first safety recommendations I learned in a professionally-taught woodworking class. Gloves introduce the possibility of your gloved hand being grabbed by a tool’s moving parts quickly. It is the same danger posed by long sleeves, loose hair, or any loose clothing (like the ties on a pull-over sweatshirt.

  4. I’ve started creating my wish list for my birthday and Christmas! Now when they ask me what I want, I’ll have an answer! Thanks so much for these tutorials – you’re making what seem intimidating, approachable!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I have had this saw sitting in the box in my garage for almost a year and haven’t gotten around to using it yet, partly because I’ve never used it before! I’ve been very anxious to use it, though, and this is giving me the boost I need. Now I just need to figure out how to get the wood home since I don’t have a truck (maybe just put the convertible top down on my Mustang? lol).

  6. This is exactly what I need!! Dumb question – what do you have the saw mounted on and how did you mount it?

    1. I also am curious about the stand the saw is attached to. I’m so thankful you guys are doing these tutorials. My husband has this exact saw and my father bought him the kreg jig for him for Christmas (boy was I happy). I have the tools but always thought i was incapable of it…like wielding tools was something only men did (pft, where was my brain?)

      1. It’s a mitre saw stand, there are adjustable arms at either end so you can keep long boards stable as you cut. You can get the stands for $100-200 at most big hardware stores.

        Your saw will likely have two holes at either side of the base that can bolt right onto the stand.

  7. Great video! Quick and simple explanation. Thinking about redoing my pantry and cutting additional shelves for my kitchen cabinets. Just have to take the plunge now!

  8. SUPER excited for this series as my power tool collection has started to grow! Thank you Ashley & Whitney!