Yeah! I think my “nesting” phase has finally arrived.  I have accomplished more in the last 72 or so hours than I have in the last couple of months.  I just needed a bit of motivation and that came to me through some fabulous baby bedding that Ashley found for her little girl on the way.  I asked her if she would mind me stealing her great idea and of course she had no problem with that.  I will reveal that super cute bedding in a later post.  Today I wanted to show you guys my wall color all finished up and the furniture I revamped.  Here is a shot of the room just before we started painting.

My other amazing pregnant sister offered to come over and paint the other night and I had to take her up on it.  Thanks Squeash!  We taped off all the trim, removed plate covers and put plastic on the carpet.  That furniture in the picture is what I will be using in the baby’s room as well.  It started as a pale minty green with pink knobs.  I matched the yellow in the bedding and gave each piece two good coats of paint.  I also wanted an armoire for her room and I had this down in my living room.
I made the mistake of not using primer on this doozie and 5 coats of yellow paint later I am a happy girl…
I would normally sand and glaze almost anything I paint but I really loved the clean and bright look of these just like they were.  I found some great red knobs at Hobby Lobby for $2 a piece… Woohoo!  I think they tie each piece together so well and I love the outcome! Wait until you see it with the bedding!!
Here is her bedside table… Love!  The blue wall color I went with is a Valspar paint.  I love the way it painted on but I didn’t love the new $32 price tag per gallon they have put on their paint.  This is the first time I rolled my pieces rather than using a brush on everything.  Because I was painting 4 different pieces I thought it might go a bit faster and it so did!  I used a 4″ foam roller like this one and cut in with an angle brush.
Here is her dresser…
A close up of the knobs…
And one more corner shot for fun 🙂
I just love it!  I can’t wait to show you more.  Thanks again Ashley for the fab bedding idea and for the inspiration that I needed to finally get moving!!

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  1. Your funiture and paint colors look wonderful! I can't wait to see this gorgeous bedding that you keep talking about!
    Hugs, cindy s

  2. I love your pieces of furniture — they turned out so cute! Can't wait to see the rest of the nursery!!

  3. Oh my I love the color you put on the walls..and what a sweet color for the furniture it all looks so pretty.


  4. If you want a custom initial/monogram rug to tie in all the colors come check us out

  5. Those pieces turned out great!!! I'm checking out Hobby Lobby for some knobs that I need. Can't wait to see the bedding. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. I love it already!
    I love how you're NOT doing pink. I have pink in my daughter's room but I love a fresh approach to a baby girl's nusery using blue and yellow.
    Can't wait to see that bedding, I'm a fabric addict!

  7. Beautiful pieces of refurbished furniture. Love the way you redid them! The color on the walls is so beautiful!