I really should title this ‘The Power of Patience and a VERY Talented Sister’!  So, a year ago I found this so, so, so cute quilt on PBTeen at a great clearance price.  I fell in love and knew it was the perfect quilt for my oldest son.  Only problem was that the matching shams were sold out (even on Ebay!).  I bought it anyway knowing that I could find a fabric or shams in the near future.  Well let me tell you I have been looking everywhere for the perfect brown shams to match and they were either too shiney, too expensive or too feminine and the same was true with the fabric. 
Fast forward to a shopping trip with Whit today and I had a lightbulb moment!  We found the perfect chocolate corduroy at a perfect price!  With our 50% off coupon we snagged it up for $3 per yard and we only needed 2.5 yards!
Buttons were 1/2 off at Jo-Ann’s as well so we added these super cute coconut buttons for under $2 each!
My part in this was over the minute we walked out of the store.   Whitney cut/sewed/surged quickly and had these done in minutes!  She made these pillows the same way she made her Pottery Barn Inspired Pillows and shared her tutorial with us HERE!  I love how the tan corduroy looks with the chocolate corduroy on the shams!
A custom look that I wouldn’t get with the matching shams!
$7 for the fabric, $4 for the buttons and I would have spent $50 on the shams at Pottery Barn!  More money left over to craft with:)  Thanks Whit I owe you:)))
Stop by Madison Reece Designs on Etsy!!!

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