I’m finished with the cubbies!  Yay!!  I told you that I would be back with pics after completing the other three cubbies and here it is!!!
Woohoo!!!  The only part that I have left to construct is the Media Hutch….oh and the drawers on the bottom corner bases.  If you missed the post on how I used Ana’s plans, from Knock Off Wood, to build the cubbies you can go here.
Total Cost for Materials:
I have had some question on the total cost I have spent to build this.  I have purchased all of the wood so far (minus the wood for the drawers) and it has cost $210 exactly.  I live in Texas and prices vary by locations so if you are trying to plan the cost for your own, you can use my cut layouts to determine how many boards you will need to buy and price them at your local hardware store.  I anticipate spending another $30 for the drawers but I will give you the exact cost once I complete the entire piece!  ***If you have questions for us it is best to email us at [email protected] or visit us on Facebook.  We try to answer all questions but we cannot reply to you from a comment if you do not allow it when you leave the comment:(
Just want to let you guys know that Whitney is out of town with the Hub’s for a long, well deserved/needed vacation and she will be returning early next week:)
One more thing:

Don’t forget about the Link Party and Giveaway this Sunday at 9pm Central Time!  Can’t wait to see you there!  You can scroll down to see the information on the Party and Giveaway:)  We’d also love for you to grab our Party button at the top right hand corner of our sidebar to help get the word out!

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  1. I have loved watching your progress! My husband and I are building the same exact one for our family room! We are glad someone else is doing it at the same time! Can't wait to see the final product! I will leave a link for you when we post our pictures.


  2. You rock! I want to and need to do this! I am looking for the right pieces for my home-thanks for introducing me to all of these wonderful things!

  3. WOW, I am so impressed. I really wan't to make on of these for our basement. Great work! Loving your blog! Thanks for inspiring me.

  4. Clap, clap! You are like Bob Vila and Norm Abram!!! Great job….I love all your stuff. Can we see pictures of your houses?????

  5. Wow! That sure looks like it's coming out beautifully.

    Thanks for your original post about the Knock Off Wood site. I've been dreaming about making furniture ever since.

    I'm putting the primer coats on the entry shelf with hooks that she has on her site. It's the first "real" finish carpentry I've done, though I've done lots of rough carpentry with my dh.

    I feel like I've suddenly been given a whole new burst of energy (which is great at 46y.o.! LOL I went just today and bought wood for two more projects. This is so great!

    Thanks so much for bringing our attention to this fantastic site and for sharing your progress. Can't wait to see yours when it's all finished!

  6. So impressive! You've inspired me. I just rearranged our family room in anticipation for building this little diddy.

  7. You totally rock!!! I love your spunky can-do attitude!! I wanna be u! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's painted and in the room.