I fell in love with this super cute Silver Bells Swag in the Pottery Barn Christmas catalog recently…

Besides the $69 price tag, it was almost immediately unavailable!  So, I decided to make my own:)

Here’s how I made my own version for under $15!

My supplies:

Branches from outside: $Free

Bushel of garland: Michael’s $2.50 (all Christmas items are 50% off)

Burlap garland: Michael’s $2.00

Silver Bells: Hobby Lobby $5.00 each (also after a 50% off Christmas items sale)

Medium jingle bells:  Michael’s $1.50


I spray painted about 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Heirloom White spray paint on the branches.

I then cut the branches down to the size I wanted and bunched about three together at a time.  I used these twist ties to keep the individual bunches together.

Next, I attached all of the bunches together with a thin jute.

I unfolded the garland and cut it into 4 equal strips

and I arranged them on top of the branches cutting them down as I went.

I also used a thin string of jute to attach the garland strips to the branches.

Now for the fun:)

I put a tiny bit of hot glue on each jingle bell

and arranged them on the garland.

Next, I tied each silver bell to the existing twine at the top of the swag.  (I did hot glue the bells together afterwards so they wouldn’t get blown around in the wind).

How I made a bow with the burlap garland:

I folded one end over a bit to make one loop

and then tied a small string of jute to cinch it up.

I followed with the same steps on the other side and that was it!  I just hot glued it above the silver bells and secured with a little bit more jute from the top of the swag!

That was it!  This project is all about hot glue and it took about an hour to piece together.  I am in LOVE with it:)


If you have any questions it is easiest to answer you on our FaceBook page ~ just leave us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. love it! you could easily make the bells look more like PB’s by adding some silver leaf and glazing in a pale champagne color. 🙂

  2. Hi Shanty sisters! What a lovely idea! You guys have an awesome blog, I love reading it. Recently I started a blog as well, together with my sister. So from now on, we are one of your followers. We would love you to come visit our blog once.


  3. This is a goood. I was viewing this on my phone yesterday but wanted to make sure I came back and commented. It’s a simple, classic piece that will last for years. Job well done.

  4. I love this! you did a great job! I bet you could even tarnish the bells to give it that old time-y look! Well you have given me the inspiration to go outside in the cold & look for some branches!! 🙂

  5. Wow! Very simply elegant…I can’t believe the burlap garland is only $2.00 at your Michaels. I bought a few rolls to put on our Thanksgiving banquet tables for $4.99/roll. Then had to remove it from the table because it smelled so bad like petroleum…NOT very good while eating!!! This is a great alternative idea… since I have 6 ROLLS!!!

  6. I love this! While getting all my decorations out this morning, I discovered some very large red jingle bells. I have the branches that were cut from the bottom of our tree and some burlap. Thanks for the inspiration.