Happy Monday guys!

This will be a great project for any of you like me that still have your Fall wreath hanging… I know. Bad.

I fixed that problem though!  I made this new wreath in under 30 minutes and under $10!  Woohoo!

Here is how it turned out…

DIY Wreath

Simple but oh so CUTE!

So… Let’s get started!

I found all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby at half off.  The only one not on sale was the sheet moss, so I used a 40% coupon on that one.  I got everything for under $10.

I started with a grapevine wreath…

grapevine wreath

For my initial, I used sheet moss (found in the floral section) and an MDF letter.

Sheet Moss

Just open up your moss like this…

Sheet Moss 2

And glue your letter down to the moss using hot glue!  Then use a pair of scissors to cut around your letter… Easy peasy!

How to make a moss letter

I used high temp hot glue to attach it to the bottom front of my wreath.

Now for the bow!  Actually, it’s a faux bow!

I used this super cute chevron burlap ribbon for mine!

Chevron Burlap Ribbon

Here is how I make my faux bow!

Start by cutting a long piece and gluing your sides to the center…

Making a burlap bow

Next, squeeze the center of it together like this.  I rolled another piece of ribbon in 2 folds to make my ‘center knot’.  Then I hot glued it around my pinched center… Sounds so much harder than it is!

How to make an easy burlap bow

The back will then look like this…

back of burlap bow

Now for the tails!

I cut 2 small strips of ribbon and cut the edges at angles before attaching.  Then, just use your hot glue to attach 1 piece at a time!

Burlap bow how to

Make a Burlap bow 2

Make a burlap bow

That’s it!

How to make a burlap ribbon bow

I ran another long piece of ribbon around my wreath, and then glued the faux bow to that before I hung it up!

I will skip telling you how to hang it from your door.  Everyone has such different front doors and you will know the best way to hang yours!

Want to see it all finished??

DIY Wreath for Spring

DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Wreath

So… What do you think?? Not bad for under $10, huh?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I would love for you to share and PIN my new wreath below!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!


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  1. A girlfiend and I got together last weekend and made these! They turned out so cute and were so easy!! Thanks for helping me get my fall wreath down 🙂

  2. Perfect!!! I do still have my fall wreath up and I bought chevron curtains at Hobby lobby and have scraps b/c i had them hemmed!! I will get on this project this week 🙂

  3. Very cute!! I’ve been thinking of a moss momogram wreath for our place as well. The chevron ribbon makes it!

  4. this is cute and would like to make it for mothers day but i too would like to know how you attach the letter to make it last.

  5. Love this how cute! Making a few for mothers day gifts!
    How do you keep the letter on ? Just glue? Mine seem to not
    want to stay on grapevine wreaths?
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Which department was the chevron ribbon in? I was looking for it for a different project without any luck. This is great price since I will need 2 for double front doors! Thanks!!

    1. It was in the ribbon section of the fabric department… They had several colors! Hope this helps!

  7. Love it! I am going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow, will definitely pick up these items to make one of these!