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When we built our house a few years ago we were bombarded with upgrades galore.  We had to pick and choose the items we were willing to pay the inflated price for and bathroom faucets were NOT on that list.  Our plan was to take the lowest grade and upgrade them on our own……fast forward 3 1/2 years later and we are finally doing it!


This is what we started out with….blah!

how to update your bathroom

And this is the beauty we upgraded to!  It is a Moen Vestige and it is available in chrome (shown), brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and pewter.  I was a tad uneasy about changing the faucets out because it was a first for me.  It was SOOOOO easy!  Here are the simple steps I took to replace my center set faucets!

how to remove center set step 1how to remove center set step 2how to remove center set step 3how to remove center set step 4how to remove center set step 5how to remove center set step 6how to remove center set step 7

Follow Moen’s simple instructions to install the new faucet!  Seriously, it was that easy!!!  Moen’s instruction manual is very easy to understand and does NOT give you that over-whelmed feeling when you open it!

Bathroom update

diy bathroom update

how to update your bathroom

Weymouth Faucet

centerset faucet

Oh what a difference a little faucet makesWinking smile  I am so in love with my new bathroom updates!

Check out my new widespread roman tub faucet!

moen weymouth

This is Moen’s Weymouth Roman Tub Faucet!  Swoon!!!  It is available in chrome (shown), brushed nickel, nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.  The original faucet that I had on my tub was also a Moen and that made installation a piece of cakeWinking smile  and the reason for that is that all Moen widespread faucets come with Moen’s M•PACT common valve system, which allows homeowners to switch the style of their faucet, without replacing any faucet plumbing (for less waste/simple installation/ less cost for consumers)…SCORE!  It literally took me 3 minutes to switch them out.  (I’m kicking myself for not doing this 3 years ago)

Oh!  Guess what….One lucky winner will be the owner of 4 Weymouth widespread bathroom sink faucets (in chrome)!!!!!!

You have 4 ways to enter! ***Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry below (totaling up to 4 entries)!***

1. Leave a comment here telling us what you like about Moen’s new Weymouth collection.

2. Follow Moen on Facebook!

3. Follow Moen on Twitter!

4. Follow Shanty2chic on Facebook!

Good luck!!!!

~ The Shanty Sisters!

moen weymouth pin

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  1. I love the classic elegant look of the Moen Weymouth collection! We are about to do some updates ourselves and I’m loving this line of fixtures!

  2. I like the shapes and lines in the new collection. I also like how it can go with a classic or a modern decor.

  3. I love how the collection is classic, but also modern. Also, love the clean lines! I have several spots that could use some new updates 🙂

  4. Hi there!! I love the look of the faucets. I love their knots, their roundness, their CLEAN LINES!! I can picture myself pulling a Julia Roberts moment with these beauties in my new house with my new tub!!! hope I win.

  5. I looove the updated vintage-feel of the Weymouth collection! This line would be perfect in my 112-year old colonial farmhouse that my husband and I are renovating!

  6. Love these! We’re moving into a new home n Feb, right after we welcome our second son in Jan! We’re totally doing this on a budget (scored a great deal with help from my parents) and there’s a ton do redo, it;s also twice the size of our current home! Help! Please!

  7. I am seeing them in my bathrooms now! What a beautiful addition they would make to my bathroom sinks and garden tub!!

  8. I love MOEN! It’s simply the best. Our kitchen faucet is a Moen and I’m still in love 2 years later. Our bathrooms need new ones and these are a gorgeous design and perfect color!

  9. I’m a follower on facebook! And we are building a house right now and those are out house faucets I picked out weeks ago!!!!

  10. Love the clean lines. Currently redoing bathroom and this faucet would compliment the grey walls and off white cabinets.

  11. I’ve followed shanty chic on Facebook. We are working on our new bathroom and this would be wonderful!

  12. Working on my bathroom makeover and would LOVEEEEE to win this! I love the timeless modern style, beautiful! Now, Im crossing my fingers for a win… please.

  13. I follow you talented sisters on Facebook. I need to learn to use power tools 🙂 I would get a lot more things done around my house! Thanks again!

  14. I love the Weymouth Collection! I would get the chrome finish! I am updating my 1930s house and this would be a great addition! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Love the Weymouth collection!! I could use all four!! Got gold and wood – yeah you heard right in the house we bought and they have to go! Soon! 🙂

  16. I absolutely love the style of these faucets! They are modern, yet have an almost vintage feel too :0) My bathroom is begging you! Pick me, Pick me!

  17. I absolutely love the faucets! The long neck of the faucet and the shape of the faucets look almost vintage. Absolutely beautiful!

  18. They are gorgeous….but I love the way they come away from the counter so water won’t collect on the the counter top.

  19. I really like that they come away from the edge of the sink and tub more than older ones have. Elegant.

  20. Those look really great! We just changed out our faucet and other hardware in our downstairs bathroom. Yay! We are finally getting started on our home projects! =]

  21. I can totally relate to making “choices” on what to fork out the big bucks on during a reno. project! I love how elegant and yet substantial Moen Vestige faucets appear! Hope I win – mine are about to give up the ghost!! Blessings, Jerri R.

  22. I have always loved the Moen faucets! I love the design- soooo much better than those rinky dink bulb handles! I would have these in my entire house if I could! 🙂

  23. Wow, I love the sleek look of these faucets, clean lines and adds that special something. We are about to move and the new house could really use an upgrade! I hope we win!

  24. “liked” Moen on FB, and I already “like” S2C on FB, (I don’t do twitter) – This new Weymouth collection is GORGEOUS! We are upgrading our home one little piece at a time, but faucets are not on our list right now b/c of how expensive they are. (Although that doesn’t keep me from wandering up and down the aisles at Lowe’s and falling in love.) This collection is fancy and romantic – just what my master bath needs!

  25. I just love how a new faucet upgrades the entire look of the bathroom from standard builder basic, to ‘custom and classy’.

  26. Love the vintage style of the faucets with a brightly polished modern finish. So sleek, but with tons of character! I can’t think of a bathroom they wouldn’t look amazing in.

  27. I love the Moen faucet collection! We are re-doing our main bathroom in the spring and would LOVE to win!

  28. Oh, I love that faucet. The lines on it are beautiful! Mine are like your old one and are seriously 15 years old (original to the house). I’d love to win a new one.

  29. I love the clean, sort of traditional lines! I would love to have these :). I still have the cheaper ones in my bathrooms too :(.

  30. I love the style of the Mien faucet because it has a vintage look and easy installation is a must!!

  31. Love the faucet! Love the chrome against the white looks so peaceful & clean. Have always loved Moen. They really stand behind their products!

  32. I’ve been a devoted follower of Shanty-2-Chic on Facebook for quite some time! Love, love!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  33. I love Moen! We just upgraded our kitchen faucet. It is a thing of beauty!! It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the look of the whole kitchen!

  34. I love the look of the faucet….simplistic in style, yet very elegant. It would look great no matter the design of the room.

  35. I have the same faucets in my bathrooms that you just got rid of. I love the spread of the Moen…sure would be easier to wash my face & hands!

  36. Beautiful – what a differance updating the faucets make! Defiantly makes me want to “update” too!!! I liked on twitter, followed both on FB! Would Love to win!

  37. honestly – i love that they look like upgrades – not something the builder put in and the homeowner never changed. so classy. 🙂

  38. They look fabulous in your home, I always admire the way ya’ll put things together, and two(CHICS) that can operate power tools and such, totally envious, wish I knew half as much as ya’ll, I would be juat as unstoppable as both of you!!! Good Luck to you both on the country living award, I really hope you win, you totally deserve it!!!

  39. I love the faucets, they are classic and modern at the same time! I can’t wait to pick out new ones for the house I am moving in to next week 🙂

  40. Soooo gorgeous!!!! even if i dont win….im headed out to change out my faucets!!! with faucets like that why wouldnt you!! ack! gorgeous!!

  41. What a beautiful faucet! Reminds me of a French villa with fields of lavender or sunflowers in the background.

  42. Love this faucet! It’s so much classier than the “before” faucet, which is what we currently have to work with.

  43. Absolutely love!!! Beautiful and thanks for the simple to follow directions. Was actually at Home Depot this weekend trying to talk myself into spending money on new faucets and talked myself out of it. They sure do make a difference though, I may have to reconsider again.

  44. I love our Moen Faucets – and I love the lifetime warranty – just wish it came with installation -we’ve had a broken kitchen sink for 4 mos now, and I can’t get the cap off the handle…. hubby just hasn’t had the time! (I’m sure I could fix it, if I could remember to have him remove the cap before he left for work one day!!!) hehehe!!!

  45. Um, how can you NOT like it? I’m dying to do some sprucing to my old, old bathroom. It’s such a little space that a little glam would go a loooooong way!

  46. Love Moen products! Love the elegant lines of the Weymouth collection. We just bought a house….has many builder choices….I’m redesigning….we have the blah faucets in every bathroom!! My style is anything that has a story from another life….basically I love thrift, antique, vintage, even side the road (I have a super cool chair from Brooklyn that someone left with their trash to be picked up…) I love Shanty2Chic–I’ve been following you already–I so appreciate your tutorials. And your style rocks. Thanks!

  47. Liked Moen on Facebook and Twitter! Would love this! We just redid our bathroom with paint, rugs and shower curtain. I hate our facets now they are that ugly gold color. I would love this!!

  48. I love these faucets because they are so sleek. I just bought a new house that needs lots of updating so this would be a great start!

  49. I like the fact that the faucets look modern and stylish the last thing you want is an amazing bathroom with retro faucets! 😉

  50. Oh, I love the look! I like the classic, yet modern look they give. They would be perfect in our much-needed bathroom upgrade!

  51. Moen’s Weymouth collection is an amazing classic look that would spruce up any living space. I’ve been wanting to update a lot of areas in our home, especially our Master Bathroom. It currently has a lot of gold fixtures and things that are what I would consider late 90’s trends. These faucets would make a fantastic addition to what needs changed out and get me started on finding a new look for that room 🙂