Yep! You read that right! I took the plunge and decided to chip up all of the tile in my kitchen and replace it with the Maison Oak laminate flooring, that I installed in my living room and dining room last year. This laminate is the BOMB! We have had it in our home for about a year and all of the features that Quick•Step claims with their new Envique™ collection has proven true! Not only does it have a Scratch Guard finish protection, it has an exclusive HydroSeal™ that repels water from the plank surface, as well as the joints! Quick-Step also offers a 24-hour spill proof guarantee! I love the flooring so much that I reached out to our friends at Quick•Step and asked them if they would partner with me, again, on my kitchen renovation! The sent me the flooring and the rest is kitchen reno history! If you missed the original Envique™ installation post, you can find it HERE.


One of my goals in my kitchen renovation was to get rid of this huge break in the flooring between my living room and kitchen. I have an open floor plan but with the flooring break, it has always felt so chopped up.


We started by chipping up all of the tile. This was a huge mess and it was the most dreaded step to me but it was manageable.


It really was like ripping off a bandaid!


Once the tile was up, we scrapped the concrete to prep it for the install.


Here is a process shot of installation – this is right where the break in flooring was and I was thrilled to see this spot done!


And here she is all cleaned up!










I also was able to get rid of the small break in flooring where my dining room is. Now, it is one solid flooring from this end of the house to the other 🙂


Here is another before. I am also thrilled to not have the maintenance of grout anymore. I had this sealed when we moved in and it was still staining from every day use.


The Envique™ flooring is so easy to maintain. I just spray a laminate floor cleaner over the planks and wipe it up with a terry cloth broom.


One of the most asked questions that I get on social media, in reference to the laminate flooring, is: “Does it creak and crack” when you walk on it and does it feel like plastic”? I have had many laminates over the years and this one surpasses them all. It doesn’t feel like plastic, it feels like real hardwood (and I should know, right 😉 and it doesn’t creak and crack when we walk on it. A lot of the creaking and cracking is dependent on the install though. If you make sure to get a good, solid joint between each plank and you don’t damage the tongue and groove edges, they won’t creak and crack.


People are shocked when they come over and I tell them it is laminate! It really does look and feel like hardwood BUT it’s more durable and 24-hour spill resistant! It’s the best of both worlds to me. We have 3 kids and two dogs and a pool. You can imagine the tracked in water puddles, scratches and just crazy wear and tear that would all have on wood floors but these look new every day!

I’m so happy with the way my new kitchen renovation turned out! Having one continuous floor throughout the house makes it feel so much more open and I love the color contrast and warmth that the dark floors add to my kitchen.

Maison Oak is the color flooring that I chose but there are 7 other color options in the Envique™ collection. I love every single one! You can find the Maison Oak that I used HERE!

I also installed the Maison Oak in my laundry room so check back soon for the reveal!

For more inspiration, follow Quick•Step on their social channels below!





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  1. Question on the flooring. How long of a run do you have? Was thinking about using this flooring for our house but we have a run that is about 57′ and the limit on this flooring is 50′ I know the style is to avoid transitions and was curious what your longest run was?

  2. I like the flooring and cabinets/cabinet color, but I can never understand why people don’t take kitchen cabinets all the way flush to the ceiling, to utilize all storage space and not leave these odd spaces for dust to collect. I have never seen a cabinet arrangement like this one where the cabinets go up, down, up, down, up, down, and frankly that looks dizzying to me. What I was most shocked at was that the fieldstone on the back of the island was left on. It looked like you had started to remove it! Aside from people banging and scraping their knees on this stuff, I feel like it just doesn’t go. I’ve never been a fan of fieldstone inside or out…it reminds me of the Flintstones.

  3. Why did you choose laminate over hardwood? Your floors look gorgeous. I am replacing some floors and I’m not sure what to choose. laminate or hardwood thank you for the help .

  4. We had laminate for some time. It ended up lifting from water warping creaking was awful. It began chipping and was a mess and it was a high quality laminate. We switched over to porcelain tile that looks like wood planks best decision we ever made. With dogs ???? a pool, grandkids and a lot of traffic the laminate could not hold up at all. Hopefully you will have better luck with yours!

    1. I’ve had it in my house for a year. I just decided to continue it to my kitchen because I love it. It is 24 hour spill resistant and we have a pool dogs and kids. It’s amazing! I have had tile and don’t like the upkeep of grout 🙂 Even when I seal it it ends up looking darker in places of high traffic.