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To say that I am excited to share this next project would be a huge understatement… Almost as huge as the piece itself!  I have been drooling over Restoration Hardware’s sideboards for years.  I love everything about them… Minus that $3-4,000 price tag.  Ouch.

I knew this would be the perfect piece of furniture to team up with Ana White to build, and that’s just what we did!  Today I will be sharing the sideboard plans, and the hutch plans will follow soon!

So… Here is how it turned out!

Awwww… LOVE it.  This is my biggest and most favorite piece of furniture I have built so far.  Don’t be intimidated by her size though!  It was a basic build with no funny angles.  I finished the whole thing in a weekend.  I will share a few tips with you here, and you can get the full set of plans over at Ana-White.com.

I knew I wanted to stain this piece, so I immediately chose to use PureBond plywood.  I LOVE this stuff.  Basically… You get the look of real hard wood at a fraction of the cost!

You can buy it in 4×8′ sheets at Home Depot and have it ripped down for free!  Here are the nice guys at Home Depot ripping mine down for me…

PureBond is formaldehyde-free and made in the USA which makes it an obvious choice when using hardwood plywood!

PureBond is actually compensating bloggers for using their plywood!  You can get your hands on this great product for FREE!  To get more info just click the button below!

I was lucky enough to have my hubby to load mine for me… This is what we did on our quick ‘date night’… Quite romantic, I know!

 I wouldn’t even consider making this without using a Kreg Jig®.  It made the build so much easier and sturdier!  Ash and I use the K4 model.

I used 3/4″ pocket holes and 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws for the whole build.

Here are a few progress shots, and you can see where I chose to put my pocket holes.

This was also my first build using my new Ryobi 18-Volt Lithium Drill.  

Holy shmoly.  This was such a great change from my usual.  I have been using an electric drill up until this point.  I love everything about this drill.  Ladies… This would be a great tool to ask Santa for this year! 😉

A few more pocket holes…

I also opted to add a few 2×6 scraps as braces on the base in the center.  I plan on filling this baby up, and I wanted to make sure that it was sturdy enough.

Here are a few shots of my trim work.  I chose to go with a really cheap casing rather than base moulding.  I had a hard time finding the right sizes, and I loved the way this looked just as much!  Plus, it was cheap! Win win.

My final step was finishing it!  These are the products I used to finish mine…

I also used a 4″ foam roller.  I like to roll on as much as I can, and then cut in the corners and places I missed with a chip brush like the one above.

Just work in small sections at a time, and wipe off a few minutes after applying the stain to get an even finish.

For my hardware I chose to use cheap metal hinges from Lowe’s, and I spray painted them to match my pulls.

I LOVE my pulls I used on the sideboard.  I recently found them when searching for new knobs and pulls for a project I will be sharing really soon.  They are 5″ pulls called Savoy I found at a GREAT price.  I think they are a perfect blend of modern and traditional!

I bought mine off of a site called designerknobsandpulls.com.

I ordered them and received them in just a couple days… Can’t beat that!!

Whew… That was a lot of info!

Want to see a few more pics??

The cost of the sideboard was around $250.  I love putting that number right next to the $3,000 that RH is asking for their’s!  Makes the DIY version even prettier in my opinion!

I love this piece.  I hope to pass it down to one of my kiddos one day.  And if they are anything like their mother they will probably spray paint it or distress it with Vaseline… Who knows? 😉

I hope you love it too!  I would love for you to share it and pin it below!  Remember you can get the full set of plans over at Ana-White.com!


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  1. I can’t find the plans for the hutch portion anywhere on Ana’s website or yours. Please tell me I’m just blind and there is a link for them here somewhere. I’m wanting to build this but am uncertain if I can make the hutch look as good without plans. HELP!!

  2. im working on this now.. I was wondering for the shelves did you use plywood? and if so did you just leave the edges raw? or did you use like edge banding or what ever its called.. im thinking the raw edge is going to bother me in person.. but I dont really want the thickness of framing it out with a 1×2 thanks!

  3. Lovely. Came here via Pinterest. 🙂
    I’m building 16′ 10″ of floor-to-ceiling Tansu-style cabinets. They have inset doors. Making the doors are not an issue. I was wondering how you spaced them to screw the hinges into the face frame? Any spacers they were resting on I use to measure, don’t hold the door in place once it’s in place. Unfortunately, I’ve had the carcasses w/ their face frames built for quite some time, so laying them down on the floor isn’t possible. Of course, it’ll be the hard way!
    Any advice?