Check out my Lovesac Sectionals Review! A complete review of the selection process, set-up and overall function of the sectionals!

I have been on the hunt for a sectional sofa to fit in my living room. Years ago, I tried an “L” shape sectional, when I first moved into my home but it crowded the space and didn’t look right so, I opted for 2 long couches to flank the fireplace. I loved the look and it was plenty of room for my young family, 8 years ago, and how we used the space at the time. This led me to the Lovesac Sactionals!

Since the lockdowns of 2020, we have used our home so much differently and in a better way. This has been our new normal for the last 3 years. We enjoy being at home so much more, we have people over more often and we just have a more casual way of life in our home. We’ve embraced being homebodies! My kids are older now and want to hang out in the living room with me, to watch movies and just chill, now. I began to notice how uncomfortable my current sofa set up had become. We were cramped on the two couches and there was no way to get comfortable for a movie with more than a few adult-sized bodies in the room. My kids were bringing bean bags down for extra seating and it was just a mess.

That led me to hunt for the perfect sectional again and I started by looking online for different shapes, materials and colors when I came across the Lovesac Sactionals! I loved their 3D model that allows you to customize your sactional to fit your space! I was able to customize the material, color, shape, features and so much more!

Why did I choose the Lovesac Sactionals for my living room?

The Lovesac Sactionals was an easy choice for me, hands down! The price is a big investment but considering I kept my last couches for 8 years, the price was not a deterrent and Lovesac has so many features that made the investment a no-brainer for me!

Machine Washable

The sac covers are machine washable, every single piece! I have always wanted a fabric couch but I’ve been resistant with dogs and kids. I love that I can slip them off and wash them in my washing machine!


All of the covers are replaceable! If my style, colors change or if one of them is damaged beyond washing, I can order a new one or a completely different set to suite my new style. This was such an added bonus for me because I know this sactional will last me through decades of style and design changes!

They Fit Any Space

The Sactionals are completely modular and you can include storage in any of the seats! You can build any shape and/or size you want to fit your space perfectly! If you move or decide you need more seating, you can order extra pieces to change the shape and size! They’re literally the world’s most adaptable couch! If you don’t have a spot for a sactionals you can design a Lovesac couch!

My fireplace makes it difficult for the living room layout because it extends so far into the room. I love it and designed it that way but I didn’t anticipate the challenge I would have finding the right seating arrangement.

Guaranteed for Life

All of the inserts are guaranteed for a lifetime! This was huge to me when considering the investment and sealed the deal!

Lovesac Sactionals Review

Setting Up My New Lovesac Sactionals

I was a little bit worried, after I placed my order, that the sactional wouldn’t fit my living room. I measured everything when I was designing it in the 3D model but there’s always that concern that it won’t look right in person. 

The Prep

The first thing I did when the boxes arrived was to set the boxes up the way I planned the sactionals to be placed. It looked great to me so I began the unboxing!

Unboxing the Lovesac

I started by opening all of the boxes first. Each box includes assembly pieces and the cushions needed.

Covering the Sactionals Pieces

Once the boxes were all opened, I started covering each piece with the coordinating washable covers.

I started with the base pieces first, then the seat cushions followed by the pillows, then the backs. This was the hardest part of the entire assembly. The fabric is snug so slipping it over so many pieces was a whip but totally worth it and I love how tight the covers fit around each piece!

Installing the Feet

The bases and back pieces come with little wooden feet. Just twist them into the holes on the bottom of each one.

Creating the Shape

With the covers on every piece, I set each seat group together, where I wanted them to be placed in my living room.


There are square, wooden shoes that come with each of the pieces. These have 4 holes that fit the feet that screw on to the bottom of the bases and backs.

With the bases placed where I wanted them, you just slide a shoe under each foot peg. This keeps the sactionals together.

Once the base pieces were all attached together, I added the back supports the same way.


These little blue guys are clamps that fit inside the slits on the bases and back pieces. When the shoes have all been placed, you just follow up with the clamps to keep everything nice and tight!


StealthTech is an optional upgrade for the sectionals. It’s an immersive home audio experience with digital surround sound, a subwoofer and speakers hidden inside the sactional. It also includes a sound bar and an integrated wireless charger inside the the side inserts. It’s SO COOL!

Fabric Specific Tuning

The StealthTech technology optimizes audio based on your Sactionals fabric type, density, and color for consistent quality.

Layout Specific Tuning

The hidden wires create a consistent audio experience from any seat in any Sactionals configuration shape.

This feature has been so fun for entertaining with music, connecting it to our TV for movies and games and the wireless charging feature is a huge game changer! You just lay your phone on one of the charged sides and it charges!

My Review of the LoveSac Sactional

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE my new sactionals! It’s the perfect combination of total comfort, design, it’s durable absolutely perfect for my living room!

I’ve had it for about a month now and it’s the go-to spot in our home. Everyone has a spot to relax, watch a movie and we can have guests over without feeling cramped and awkward when we’re entertaining! It’s also a great conversation piece when they see all of the StealthTech features 😉

My frenchie’s love it too 😉 and I don’t have to worry about them ruining the fabric because I can just throw it in the wash!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars for the form, function and comfort and I’d order it all over again!

Lovesac is having a huge Spring sale. 20% off everything and they offer 12 month financing. They always offer free shipping and they have a 60-day home trial so you can feel safe with your purchases! They also have showrooms that you can see the sactionals and other additional accessories, in person.

Check out their website to find a retailer near you!

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  2. Thank you for your review and detail. Loved seeing your 2 adorable frenchies! We are a bulldog and boxer family.

    Could you share the fabric and color? By chance is it the Slate Velvet Corded?
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  4. Hi! We just left the LoveSac showroom and I hopped on the pc to look at options for colors and layouts. Would you mind telling me what fabric you chose here and weather you went with a fill top cushion or just standard foam? Thank you so much!

    Angel Reynolds