Hey guys!! Our cousin is getting married next month and he recently asked for my help with a table revamp.  His fiance that we love found this table on Craig’s List for $100.
Please excuse my garage… It’s a bit shanty! This was a great table. It’s solid oak and has great traditional lines… It was just in need of a little updating!  It also came with a leaf.
I opened the table up and set the leaf inside leaving a bit of space on each side.  I used Behr black satin interior paint.  I never pick a color card.  Just tell the paint guy or gal that you want black.  I cleaned the top off just a bit and painted the entire piece.  Here it is drying.
I then used my 3M block sander with 80 grit paper to sand my edges a bit.  I LOVE the results!
My cousin added the topcoat of Polyurethane by himself when he got it home.  I am hoping they will soon share a picture of it in the house but for now these will have to do!  For less than $25 I took this old orange looking table and turned it into something fabulous!  We are constantly getting questions about revamping kitchen tables and I hope this inspires you guys to go for it! It is so worth it!!
And there’s my satisfied customer!!
Congratulations Justin and Shannon!!

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  1. I have a question too! I have a black table that has been handed down to me. It was brown at one point I am sure… it was painted white and then black. The black is chipping off everywhere. I want to redo this table bad.
    Would you recommend sanding it down? If so is there an easier why to sand an entire table?

  2. I am so glad to see this post. I have the exact same table and planning on doing it black. Love it!

  3. LOVE it! I scored a LOOOONG table with 6 chairs for $60 at a garage sale last weekend…totally scared but want to paint it!!!

  4. Whitney,
    What a great find to begin with but you took it up like five notches. I would LOVE a table like this. I have also always wondered about the sanding thing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. we're married 41 yrs…when i think of all the money i could have saved by revamping, painting, the freebies…! ๐Ÿ™‚ pretty, pretty!

  6. This is exactly the post I needed. I have a similar table that I want to do the same to. Thank you for your help and inspiration. I adore your ideas.

  7. Love it! Two questions. How do you decide if you're going to spray paint a piece or hand paint? And also what does the polyurethane do? Make it shiny? Thanks. I absolutely love your site. You girls come up with the most amazing things.

  8. It turned out gorgeous. It's really a ton of work. I just refinished my table and it was soooooooo much work, but it looks fabulous. I know they will really enjoy your wonderful table redo. Hugs, Marty

  9. Turned out awesome! We have the same table! We got ours at a yard sale. We ended up painting it a robin's egg blue and distressed it. I love how it turned out!

  10. Fantastic! There's nothing like saving an old piece from the landfill and turning it into a an eye-catching focal point. You did a marvelous job.

  11. Gracious!! So lovely. I have a table from Target that is similar but definitely not as classic as this one. Well done!!

    BTW, you mentioned Lubbock in a previous post – I was born and raised there & a Red Raider too boot (though a full fledged Coloradan now…)!!

  12. The table looks great. I have the same question as Jordan – did you sand it down at all? Or strip or prime?

    I am sure they are super happy with the new table.


  13. I love how a little paint goes a long way! I have a kitchen table that looks very similair to this table, but it is painted black and has a factory finish on it. I want to paint it white, but do I need to sand down the finish or strip the paint or anything? I'm new at revamping ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  14. OOOh, I love it!!! Makes me sick and sad though, my mother offered to give me a beautiful dining room set. I declined the offer because it just wasn't my style, it was that ugly orange looking wood. It had a long rectangular table and a beautiful hutch with glass doors. My dad had bought it for her about 30 years ago. Why didn't I keep it and paint it like this table??? I am kicking myself now.Who would have thought that black painy could make something look so beautiful!!!