Hello Everyone!! Happy Tuesday!!
Ash and I have been taking a small “blogging break” to catch up on sleep, laundry and life :).  I’m in my second trimester now and thank Goodness I am finally getting a small hint of energy back.  I made an announcement to our facebook fans a few weeks ago that I found out my baby will be a boy.  Well…. I had another sono done on April Fool’s day and wouldn’t you know that I am actually having a little girl!!  I’m not sure exactly what they saw the first time around but she is 150% all girl now.  So I am switching mind sets now to bows, pink and girly nursery projects… stay tuned!  Here is her perfect little handprint…
Also… Don’t forget to stop by tonight at 9:00pm central time for I Made it Without My Hubby.  As always, we want to see any and ALL crafts and projects you have done without the help of the hubs.  These don’t have to be big projects that involve tools… Just projects you did with your own two hands!  We always look forward to seeing and getting ideas from you ladies who participate!
Finally, make sure you check back with us on Friday.  We have some very fun and exciting news to share with all you guys!  We hope you all had a great Easter! Thanks!!

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  1. oh man!! i don't want to hear they were wrong on the sex of your baby!! i just found out mine is a boy, and gave ALL my baby girl stuff away.. lol. i hope my tech was right the first time.. 😉 congratulations! babies are so exciting… and i LOVE the handprint! when are you due? i am due Aug 27th, one day before my birthday 🙂

  2. Congrats! Having a baby is so full of surprises! Better now than later.
    YOU HAVE TO FRAME THAT PRECIOUS HAND PRINT IMAGE!!! I have never seen a cuter ultrasound!

    I will be waiting to see what you do to preserve it!

  3. What a GREAT ultrasound pic! You are so blessed! Congrats on having a girl!! I am so jealous since I am having boy #2 – no frills for me 🙁
    Nah – I'm happy! 🙂 He's almost here!
    Hope you have an good 2nd (and 3rd) trimester!!!!

    – Christin

  4. Ohhhhhhh, what a yummy little hand! And I wondered where you'd disappeared to…it all makes perfect sense now.

  5. Ahh, what a gorgeous picture, brings back so many happy memories, although I would like to point out that I have done my bit for world population, having three! It's still so exiting, congratulations x

  6. How sweet, I love that perfect little hand print. Awww…almost makes me miss being pregnant and having a little baby around. Then I look in the living room 😛

  7. That is unbelievably precious!

    Congrats on the girl…I absolutely love all of the little girl clothes..!

  8. i am so amazed at the technology today. a manicurist at the salon i went to last week had her baby's sono pics and you could see the whole face of the baby, up close & personal.
    when i had sono's over 20+ years ago, they were so fuzzy and distorted. somehow they could still tell if it was a boy or girl…beats me!
    anyhoo, congrats on the baby girl and glad you're feeling better!
    judi 😉

  9. Aww! Look at that precious little handprint. So sweet. Congrats on a GIRL! Yay for pink & bow, frills & ruffles. 🙂 I just got my girl after the 3rd one, and I am so head over heels in love. Looking forward to tonight!


  10. Welcome back and congrats on the little girl! How fun! I miss being pregnant sometimes. Then my kids do something like poke their little sister with molding in Lowe's just to get her to do that shrill screamy thing that little girls do so well. Amazingly, the missing pregnancy feelings just disappear!

    Good luck! Wishing you and your family all the best. Love the little hand pic!