Hello Guys!!  I hope you all had a great Monday!  I was able to get a few things done and celebrate one of our 4 Christmas’… not a bad Monday!  I wanted to share my lastest revamp with you guys.  I recently received a pair of super cute club chairs from my husband’s dad.  I LOVE free hand-me-downs!!… especially cute ones:)  I decided to fix one of them up for my bedroom.  My finished result…
Now… Let me show you how she started…
Not terrible… just in need of a little Shanty revamp:)  I started by spray painting the entire chair with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Canyon Black satin.
While that was drying I started on the cushion. I started by ironing my drop cloth.  I then cut a  large piece of it and wrapped my cushion.  Because I was in a hurry and knew that nobody would ever see:) I actually hot glued the fabric to the bottom of the cushion.  I’m sure a professional would not recommend this but it sure worked for me… and I was done in like 5 minutes!  After that I began working on the button.  I wanted to give it a tuft in the center with a covered button.  For those of you that have never covered a button… Here we go.
You start by purchasing these goodies…
The buttons come in several sizes but I like the largest the best.  Lay your white plastic thingy down like this.
Cut a small scrap of fabric, good side down and lay it on the white plastic thingy like this.
Put your metal button top into the fabric and plastic like this.
Cut your extra fabric and leave about 1/2″ all the way around.
Push your extra fabric down towards the metal.
Place your other metal piece down like this.
Use your arm and brute strength to push this metal piece down until you feel it click…. It shouldn’t take much.
Pop everything out and you have a covered button… woohoo!  Now… I wanted a black button but didn’t have black fabric so I took mine to the garage and spray painted it too.  While it was drying I started on my tufting.
Once again, I must say that professionals everywhere would frown at me but this is how this shanty sister tufts a pillow.  You will need these…
Floss, long needle and a button… I use a large button because the holes are bigger.  You just stick your needle on a long piece of thread, string your button on and then tie a knot with the two ends.
Start from the bottom of your cushion and push your needle up through to the top.  Then, push it back down through the bottom.  The button will be on the bottom of your cushion.
Repeat this step a couple of times and pull tightly on the floss.  It will give you a tuft in the center.  Once this is done, I just thread my covered button and ran it from the top to the bottom and tied it tightly to the floss on the bottom of the cushion.  I hope some of this is making sense:)
Here is what it looked like…
Now, after sanding the edges of my chair up a bit I added my new cushion and I was done…
Hope you like it!  Don’t forget about I Made it Without My Hubby on January 7th!  You can grab a button below.  Have a GREAT Christmas week!!

Shanty 2 Chic

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  1. Wow!! That looks great, wonderful job.

    I have an Apron giveaway on my blog. Check it out.

  2. Sharp looking chair! The distressing is the perfect amount.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  3. Im so glad you posted this- I have never done a covered button before but have been wondering how for recovering my piano bench.
    If you had called 'the thingy' by it's right name I would not have understood the directions!
    Great post!

  4. GORGEOUS~! I love the way it turned out! whoda thunk the hot glue would have come to play on this project … So glad I stopped by! Check in sometime …

  5. Excellent tutorial! I've always wondered how to do this! Your chair and cushion turned out beautifully! I love the hot glue idea…hey, if it works…why not?! 🙂