We are back this week with the Shanty2Chic Flip House Episode 2! Just click the play button in the box below to check it out!

Last week we took you through a before tour and gave you some insight as to what our plans were for this house! If you missed last weeks episode you can check it out HERE!

Episode 2 – Shanty2Chic Flip House

Episode 2 is all about the demo and the building back up! Here’s a quick run-down of what took place in Episode 2!


Demo was interesting for this house because we were removing the majority of the second floor, on one side, and adding square footage to the other side. This required us to start demo on the side of the house where we were adding concrete and square footage first. That side had to be built back up before we could begin demo on the two-story side of the house.

Episode 2 is broken down into two different tours. The first tour focuses on the tear down and build-back-up of the first side. The second tour (months later) shows the second half of the house after demo and rebuilding! We had to leave that second floor in place while the framers installed the new trusses and walls for the new space. Seeing the second floor finally removed took our breath away!

Relocating the stairs from the entry to the back of the house was also one of the final pieces to the puzzle that made a huge difference!

Plumbing Rough

After building everything back up, we had the new plumbing rough installed. Because we eliminated two of the bathrooms upstairs to gain the 20-foot ceilings, we had to relocate them to the new addition upstairs. We also added a master suite downstairs which required adding another bathroom downstairs, as well. The kitchen sink remained in the same spot and we had to relocate the gas line after removing a kitchen wall.

Electric Rough

We had tons of changes to the electric. Opening up the living room and kitchen to the second story created a little bit of a challenge in making sure that there would be plenty of light in each space without having hanging lights everywhere. We decided to have two large chandeliers hanging from the beam in the living room and we opted for goose neck lights in the kitchen. This would avoid having too many hanging lights in one big space.


Great insulation is a MUST in this hot Texas heat. We had the exterior walls insulated with top-of-the-line spray foam to keep the house nice and cool!

New Roof

We had a new roof installed. The previous roof was about 20 years old and in need of a new one! We added metal roofing in some places for esthetics but went with a composition roof for the majority of the house.


We had a beautiful board and batten siding installed. We kept the existing brick where we could and what brick we were able to save from demo, we were able to reuse on the addition. We lucked out not having to purchase more brick!


We replaced all of the windows with new energy-efficient windows. The black frames will really pop once the house is painted!


Having the drywall installed was a huge event! We were finally able to see each space for what it was and of course, that got our creative juices flowing even more!


We didn’t have to add a ton of concrete to get the extra 1,000 square feet of living space because we built above the garage. We added a bit of concrete on the front of the house to create a covered front porch. This really gave the front of the home the beautiful elevation that it was missing. We also added concrete to add a third bay to the 2-car garage and give us more space to build above the garage.

We added a bit of concrete in the back to extend the back patio, which also created a great balcony on the second floor!

That about covers episode 2 in of our Shanty2Chic Flip House! Make sure to check back next week to see all of the progress that happened next!

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