Hey Guys!! So… Another FUN project… super cheap, cute, easy and so fun for the kiddos!  Here is how they work…
These are vinyl sayings you can make on your machine and a block of wood…
All you have to bring to the party… paint and some sand paper! Woohoo… how easy is that?
I started by painting my block with Rust-Oleum Canyon Black.  After letting that dry I shantied my edges up a bit and was ready for the next step…
Then, you just add your vinyl words.  You just peel the backing, press it to the block…
… And peel the top off!
That easy!
Here is my other saying…
And a few more pics…
These are too cute and take all the grunt work out of crafting!! Woohoo!!  What do you think??  Pretty darn cute if you ask me!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, I jut ordered them for next year! So cute.

    I love your great ideas, keep up the good work!

  2. I guess you know where I am heading/typing off to next. Off to buy me some letter-y goodness. Thanks for all the fabulous crafty ideas.

  3. maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but where are these on the website? can anyone help!? i'd love to let the boys do some of these for christmas gifts!

  4. I just finished mine from Scribble It and I knew they didn't look quite right – I need to "shanty" them up. Thanks so much for the idea!