Hey friends!!

How is everyone?  It has been crazy here, but we have been thankful to receive good news at each visit.  After spending a week in the hospital with low amniotic fluid, they were able to get me to a safe level using IV fluids and bed rest.  My doctor allowed me to go home as long as I stayed off my feet.  I agreed!  I now have 2-3 sonos a week to check my levels and the baby, and I haven’t dropped since leaving the hospital.  They moved my delivery date up to the 27th of this month if I can make it that long.  So… It looks like I will have an October baby instead of November!  I will continue to keep you guys posted as I get news, and I appreciate your prayers and concern more than you know.

So… Building and revamping furniture is a bit out of the question right now.  I have managed to get some help on my latest “bed rest” project.  I am itching to decorate for Fall, and we finally have temps under 100!  That got me scheming…

We had one of our pecan trees die this last year.  We had it cut down.  My hubby saw firewood… I saw decorations! Isn’t that how it always works??

I had my stepdad cut 3 of the pieces to use on my dining table.  I spent about $30 at Market Street to get my pumpkins.  The rest was easy!  Here it is all set up…

Super natural and required very little thought… My kind of project 😉

So natural that I keep finding a dead fire ant or two laying next to the wood.  He sprayed them before bringing them in.  How shanty is that??

I hope you like it!  It makes me happy to look at!  Fall is my very favorite season.  It is my favorite season to cook!  I’m not usually one to share recipes on the blog BUT….

Ash recently sent me a recipe she found on Pinterest.  She told me how good they were and I had my mom make them this week for us.  This recipe is the BOMB!  It really is too good and easy not to share, and since I have nothing better to do at the moment…

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

I am going to go ahead and say a big YOU’RE WELCOME on Ashley’s behalf for finding this recipe! 😉  You will love it!

Enough rambling for me! Thanks again for stopping by!  I promise to keep you guys updated.


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  1. I love it! Your centerpiece is so awesome and simple! Glad you are doing better too. The recipe you gave, it is a favorite of mine, in fact I served it today at my sis in law’s birthday lunch! It is originally from Our Best Bites, those ladies know how to cook! The only thing that makes the recipe better, is to dip it in their creamy cilantro lime ranch dressing! YUM!!

  2. Great look. Love the simple fall look with the white chairs. I laughed at your wood project. My hubby asks me where things are…like chicken feeders (planted flowers in them), the shovel(painted it orange to look like a pumpkin face) and other important farm tools….I laugh and say I know they are around here somewhere! hahaha
    I am so glad you are off your feet and taking it easy…it will be worth it when you hold that precious baby in your arms!!!! Yay for babies.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! We recently built a farmhouse table and that would look awesome on it!! Thanks for the idea!

    Sarah@Sidetracked Sarah

  4. Whitney you never disappoint even when decorating ‘off your feet’! Love those stumps, when Hurricane Irene swept through I saved lots of the thicker tree branches for projects, nature never, ever lets us down. So beautiful and simple. Rest up and get those feet up.

  5. Whoo hoo! A little Halloween baby… how fun! So glad you got good news!

    What a great item to decorate with- your display looks so warm & cozy. Wishing one of my pecan trees would die now! lol

  6. Love the simplicity and the natural beauty!! i tend to be to “fussy” with things and this is just so wonderful! : )