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If you are anything like me, you love the satisfaction of DIY, but you want some of the unnecessary steps skipped or done for you.  For example… I love building a piece of furniture, BUT I will always have the hardware store rip my big sheets of wood for me.  It’s not worth my time or hassle to do it myself, and my piece of furniture is still 100% my own work!

That’s exactly how we run our homes and kitchens.  We are constantly searching for products, tips and tricks that save us a ton of time and unnecessary work!  That’s why we are so excited to be a finalist in the Reynolds Real Moms contest.  We aren’t chefs or foodies, but we are 2 mommies who love running our kitchens efficiently and making our families food that doesn’t we made ourselves without spending hours doing it!


Shanty 2 Chic Reynolds

We know many of you trust us to share our tips on crafting, painting and building.  We hope you will show them that you trust us to share time and money saving tips from our kitchens as well!  Ash and I need your votes!  Last week we shared the contest with you.  We have 5 Wednesdays left.  You can only vote on Wednesdays and only 1 vote per person!

Here we are sharing our latest video tip with you on how we use Reynolds Wrap Foil in our kitchens!  You can also click the photo below to take you there!


We are so excited about this contest, and you guys are the only reason we have made it this far!  This is such a huge opportunity for us, and we hope that you will stand behind us and ‘VOTE SHANTY‘!  You always show up for us when we ask, and we appreciate your support SO much!

Thanks again!  Be sure to check back with us tomorrow as well!  Ash will be sharing that super cute and oh so easy mirror she made for her ledge!  You will love it!

Now… Go check out our latest tip, and be sure to click

Vote for Shanty!

when you get there!!


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  1. I’m new here but I so LOVE you guys and this blog! I’ve always been a light crafter but now I’m stepping my game up because of all the wonderful things I see on here 🙂 I just voted, get it ladies!!!!

  2. Both my husband and I voted for you. You daily brighten our lives and share such wonderful ideas that allow us to still have beautiful things in our lives even in the middle of this economical devestation so many of us now find ourselves in. Thank you!

    1. This made us smile so big!! You guys are amazing and our readers bring us so much joy as well… Especially sweet messages like this one 🙂 Thank you!!!