So Ashley and I went shanty shopping last week with my mom in Waco. Our sister just graduated from Baylor and along with her degree she also brought home lots of Waco shopping wisdom… We only had a few hours there so we decided to stop at two favorites. Laverty’s is a fantastic little antique store…about half the store is antiques and the other half is architectural salvage… LOVE it! There were actually several things that caught my eye but this one here is the only one that screamed “buy me”! It was a shanty antique milk jug. It’s about the height of a counter bar stool which is why I quickly realized what it’s new purpose would be… an extra little seat in my living room. Here’s what I did…

After cleaning all the spider webs and other lovely’s off I sprayed the jug with two coats of Rustoleum American Accents paint. This is my first time using this paint and I love it. I found that it went on much better than my usual Valspar from Lowe’s. After letting that dry I decided to put a very light coat of Ralph Lauren glaze on to make those imperfections that I love stand out. I love how it brought out some of the writing on the front of the jug.

My final step in this revamp was inspired by Ashley. I was loving the #7 she put on her new vase and decided to brand mine as well! I used my Cricut machine to cut a #5… this is the number of people in the family and also conveniently happened to be the cutest number I had to choose from. I taped my stencil down to the jug and mixed Americana Ebony and Burnt Umber to get a really dark brown. I used a stencil brush to dry brush my #5 to the jug and I was done.

I love it! Its I found a new home for my shanty in the corner of my living room right between my hearth and armoire. It’s just an extra place to sit for now but I’m sure I will find different uses for it in the future… She would be so cute with a big white pumpkin on top… we will see… I will be sharing this shanty turned chic over at Trash to Treasure at Reinvented and at the Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformation Thursday… Go check it out girls!

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  1. I love your milk jug!!! I would love one just like yours. You see, my Grandmother used to milk a cow and she put her milk in jugs like that. The milk she sold was put in a large jug, just like yours, and she would put it out by the road and the milk company would come by and pick it up for processing. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. So cute, great job! What color was the Rustoleum that you used? Also, where did you find the Rustoleum American Accents spray paint? Our Lowe's and Home Depot no longer carry the American Accents line, so I thought maybe it was being discontinued… I love the glaze on this too.

  3. Whitney,
    I love what you did with the milk jug! So cute!
    I love Baylor! I registered there when trying to decide which college to go to (MANY years ago!) but ended up staying closer to home in KY. I used to teach for a Christian sports camp called Crosspoint, and we did a camp at Baylor one summer. I was in Heaven!
    Love your blog!

  4. Hi Ashley and Whitney, I just started following your blog and I'm loving your projects. Would love for you to stop by my blog !

  5. Another great make-over. You are one clever girl. Glad to know about the shop in Waco. I may stop in on my next drive up to Dallas. ~ Sarah