Like Ashley, I too like to start decorating for Christmas in early November… we inherited this from our mother!  I hope you all are not tired of seeing us create with candlesticks and finials because here we go again:)… This is what I did!!
I decided to make wooden plaques that spelled JOY.  My first step was to get my supplies…
Three unfinished candlesticks and 3 little wood circles ~ found the sticks at Michael’s and the circles at Hobby Lobby.
An 8ft 2 x 6 I purchased at Lowe’s.  You can have Home Depot cut it down to buy less but at $3 I wanted all the extras!
I started by using my Gorilla Glue Epoxy to attach my candlesticks to the circles…
I want to again mention that the epoxy has the consistency of a hot glue, only it sets in about 5 minutes which gives you more play time and it is a very permanent hold… this has become a very favorite product of ours!
Just added a bit to the circle…
And added the candlestick.
While those were drying I went to cut my 2×6.  I measured it off every 8 inches.
I then used my $12 Stanley hand saw I purchased at Lowe’s to cut the wood.  This tool is a must for small jobs and if you do not own a power saw.
This is what my 3 pieces looked like…
Now it was time to attach my wood pieces to the sticks.
I used my Gorilla Glue Epoxy once again to attach them.
Just added some epoxy to the top of the stick and then placed the wood on top.  I stole my next idea from the Gorilla Glue Girls who used Gorilla Tape to clamp things together until they dried.
So I did just that…
Not too shanty, right??!
After those dried I added my wood finials.  I found these at Lowe’s.
Just added some GG Epoxy…
And put them on the top of my wood plaques.
Now it was time for paint… I used American Accents Canyon Black spray paint on these babies.  Once it dried I used my 3M block sander with 80 grit paper to shanty my edges up a bit.
This is where I learned the importance of wearing safety gloves.  This lovely ended up about an inch into my thumb while sanding…
So after getting a bandaid I started on my next step… I cut burlap into three 4×6 pieces…
I used my Elmer’s Spray Adhesive to attach them to the wood.  I just sprayed some on one side of the burlap and placed it on the wood.  I then used decorative furniture nails on each corner to give it an even cuter look…
They all looked like this at that point…
Stencil time… I used my Cricut Personal Cutter to cut out each letter.  I used black acrylic paint and my stenciling brush to get the letter on the burlap.
Added a little twine and a few jingle bells because I could…
And now time for the reveal….
So… what do you think??!  I love them!
I made all three for under $12.  Now that is a thrifty gift!! These would make great teacher gifts and you can use any word which makes them decor you can use in any season… can’t beat that!


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  1. This has to be my favorite thing that I've seen you do on your blog! I'm so excited! Makes me want to go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby right now and get the supplies. To bad they are both over an hour away! I love these!

    Hope your finger is feeling better now!

  2. I love the things you two make, and the tutorials are easy to follow. I do have one question – What do you do with the screw on the bottom of the finial? Do you drill a hole in the wood to screw it into? Keep up the inspiring work!

  3. I am sooooo lovin' those! Thanks for the sweet comment today. Thank goodness…we are not alone..ha!

  4. You make it all look so easy, yet it always looks so professional. These are absolutely terrific! Can I order a set? ~ Sarah

  5. Oh, hope your thumb feels better! I was thinking of doing something similar with letters for my daughters room~ spelling her name… THis is a great idea!

  6. You are too smart, shanty, & chic for your own good! Y'all should open up a shop & sell all your creations!

  7. These are just adorable!!

    I would love to know how you like the cricut. I saw the infomercial and would love to have one.

    I enjoy keeping up with you two talented sisters!

  8. They turned out great. What a cool idea. Do the fumes from Gorilla Glue make you more creative? LOL!

    Sorry about the splinter. You won't believe it but early this year I helped Neil move a piece of treated plywood and got a splinter in my finger, two days later I was in the hospital for three days. I got cellulitus(however that's spelled). I nearly had blood poisoning. When I saw the red blood streak going all the way up my arm I knew something was wrong. I guess I'm lucky because we've been working on remodeling for years now.

    I just love how detailed your tutorial is. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs…Tracy 🙂