Oh hey there! I am so excited to share my next project with you guys because it was so fun to make and I am sure you will all be making one of your own! Ashley and I went to Michael’s over the weekend to look for shantys. While I was checking out, she was glancing at a magazine and ran across a lady that made apothecary jars from mason jars…. That started my wheels spinning. I would love to give her a shout out but I didn’t even see the title of the magazine. Hers were different but she for sure inspired me! Here are the supplies you will need to make these cuties… I found all of mine at Hobby Lobby for under $8. You will also need a small piece of burlap.
First you will need to glue your candlestick to your wood circle… I used Gorilla Glue and put a book on top of it for about 30 minutes.

Next, paint your finial and your candlestick. I sprayed mine with Rustoleum American Accents Heirloom White. While those are drying I started working on the top of the jar. Hot glue a small piece of burlap to the top of your lid… Mine was 5” x 5”. Glue down the burlap to the sides of the lid, starting with your corners.

Next, take a piece of twine and wrap it around the sides of the lid a few times. I also added a dab of hot glue here to keep everything in place. You can either tie a knot at this point or add a little something.
I found this little pewter cross at Hobby Lobby for $2 so I tied it to my twine…

Now take your painted pieces and do a little distressing. I also added some Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze to mine to make it even cuter…

Next, hot glue your the bottom of your jar to the top of your candlestick… we’re almost done!

Hot glue your finial to the top of your lid… SO FUN… Love these!!

Now your final and most fun step will be to fill her up. I used some shells I had that needed a home to fill this one. But I did think about what a great teacher gift this would be… Find out her favorite candy or coffee and fill your jar up with that. She will get to enjoy her treat and her new apothecary jar! There are endless options for these babies…. I would so love to see yours when you make it…


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  1. Cute idea! The lid of the jar screws off as normal, even with the burlap on it, right? I might have to try this project …!

    And by the way, this blog totally makes me wish I had a sister!

  2. What a great idea! I might have to make one for me and my sister! I will fill hers up with Haloween candy and give it as a gift. Thanks.

  3. Very interesting and creative. Those glas jars can be so expensive, so this is a great alternative and a fun project. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Are you kidding me? Seriously fabulous. I love the use of inexpensive items to make something so great! I am seriously off to buy some smoke glaze 🙂


  5. Thanks for posting a pic of the RL glaze. I went to Home Depot the other day and they had no idea what i was talking about when I said smoke glaze. But now I see that they DID have it. Is is just the basic faux technique glaze and do they have to tint it to the smoke color for you?

  6. wow. you two are seriously creative geniuses! i am always so inspired by reading about your projects. thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my goodness I love those! I can't wait to make one, gonna run out and get the supplies, RIGHT NOW! I think I'll put candy corn in mine for fall. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Love it, love it, love it! I can actually do this one, I think! 😉 Where do you find the RL smoke glaze?

    Turned out great…now I want to do one!


  9. Love it!!! Can't wait to make one, or two or three. I can think of so many ways to use these. You did good, girl.

  10. Love it!!! Can't wait to make one, or two or three. I can think of so many ways to use these. You did good, girl.