Hey guys!  I’ve had a lot of questions asking me about the burlap bow that I used for my tree topper on my Christmas Tree!


It is sooooo easy to make and the only tools you need are a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun!  Yah baby!

Burlap-GarlandI purchased this roll of burlap garland at Michael’s

Burlap-Strand-for-BowStart by cutting a strand that is about 3 feet long.

Make-first-loopFold one end over about 2/3’s of the way over and hot glue it in place

making-second-loopFollow up with the other end and secure with a dab of hot glue

layer-second-loopNow, just do the same thing again and lay it on top of the first set of loops.

burlap-strand-for-middleCut another strand about 1 ft. long

hot-glue-sidesand fold the ends over to make it skinny 🙂

making-the-bowLay the two loops on top of the skinny strip.  Ugly side of skinny strip faces up and ugly side of loops faces up.

add-a-dab-of-hot-glueAdd a dab of hot glue about a 1/2 inch from the bottom of the loop

scrunch-bowand squeeze the loops toward the center with your fingers.  Add more hot glue to any folds that touch.

wrap-middleNext, wrap the skinny strip around the bow and secure in the middle of the “pinch” with hot glue.

wrap-other-end-and-trimDo the same for the other end and trim the excess burlap.

how-to-make-bow-tailsNow for the tails!  Cut another strip about 3 feet long and at the very center point, fold together and secure with hot glue.

attaching-the-tailsattach that strand to the back of the bow with hot glue.

burlap-bowThis is what it looks like when you flip it over!  So cute 🙂

cutting-the-tailsTo finish her off, fold the end of each tail in half and cut at and angle towards the bottom of the tail

how-to-make-tails-on-a-bowWhen you open it up it makes a cute, finished edge to the tails!

attaching-twineI used a string of twine to attach it to the tree.  I just ran it behind the skinny strand that was wrapped around the middle of the bow and tied a knot in front of the tail attachment.

Christmas-Tree-TopperNow just hang that cutie up 🙂

I hope that you love my Burlap Tree Topper!  We always appreciate your shares!

Happy Friday!


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  1. The quality of this article is really high. I count this as one of the most impressive entries that I have ever read. The job that you have done is remarkable and inspiring. I am grateful to you to.

  2. I’m really looking forward to New Year’s Eve and Christmas. These are my favorite holidays! I love presents!

  3. Ahhh how cute! I think I may just model my tree this year off of this one : ) Absolutely love everything about your style

    1. Thank you so much Lindsay! I’m sure there are many other ways to make the bow but this is how I made mine 🙂 It’s so easy!