So after Ashley found her bowling pins that she transformed HERE, I knew I had to have one of my own!  Luckily I did manage to run accross one at TJ Maxx just a few days later.  I also found these great vintage looking balls with it.  I have been told now by three different people that these pins are three different things.  After I googled them a bit I decided that they best resemble an antique juggling pin… so that’s what I am going with!  I loved the look of them but they did need a bit of a color change…
I was out of blue tape so I just took a bit of scotch tape and covered the stripes I wanted to keep.
I then used Americana Ebony acrylic paint to cover up the blue and red.
When the paint dried I peeled the tape off and I was done.  I love how they turned out and I found a perfect home for them… my coffee table.
This was a super fast, easy fixer that I wanted to share with you guys… hope you liked it!
The Gorilla Glue Party is coming up!! You guys better be getting those projects together so you can win one of our fab prizes…The details for the party can be found HERE! Don’t forget to grab a party button below!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome!! I just saw your gorrilla glue event. I'll have to check into it.

  2. I absolutely love the mix of warm brown colors, deep rich brown colors, and then the pop of green from the pears. It all feels so right!

  3. I'm so glad to have discovered you!

    Cute – I'm all about the black and neutral, and I love that the use of "proper blue tape" didn't hold you back. Peace.

  4. Those are darling…and I've never seen those at our TJMaxx. 'Course I haven't been scavenger-hunting there lately. I'm just imagining what my two boys would use them for…hmmmm.

  5. I just discovered your blog and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Not only for having such a wonderful blog but for sharing your beautiful ideas and sharing the how too's and the products you used to accomplish your beauties! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my lil blogs list of Beautiful Places to Visit & Dream! If I can figure out how to add your button I will do that too :)! Again, Thank you!! Rose 🙂

  6. I think these are supercute! But I really can't believe you can leave those on your coffee table and the kids don't come by and golf with them!!

  7. So cute! In my house that baby would be used as a weapon against a fellow sibling so I'll just have to admire this project from a distance ;).

  8. What a cute makeover. I drive my husband crazy repainting something that I just bought. He totally does not understand!

  9. That is really cute! Somehow, I don't imagine that it will stay on your coffee table for very long. I know a little boy that will find a "better" use for it really quick. I wanted to know how long it actually took him to find it.

  10. Ya'll are just flippin awesome! I feel like a stalker! lol

    Love this too!!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

    FYI ~ You should link up to Frugalicious Friday @ Finding Fabulous!

    This would be perfect!!