My next project came from one of my favorite people I met in Round Top at the Flea Market.  They were a couple from Gatesville, TX who used salvaged wood and tin to create some AMAZING pieces.  Lucky for me he was also selling his wood and tin.  This is a piece of salvaged tin that he sold to me for $12.  It’s beautiful… I love the shape, the paint, the lack of paint and the rust.  What a combo!!
I knew I wanted to hang it just as it was but I did want to attach it to something… give it a little more beef.  This is what I did…
I purchased two 8 ft cedar fence posts from Home Depot.  These were about $2.00 a piece.
I started by marking off where I would cut.  I made each piece 2″ longer than the tin and cut 4 of these pieces.
My tool of choice… my trusty $12 hand saw.  I had every piece cut in less than 3 minutes.
This is what my 4 cut pieces looked like…
I also bought a 3ft yard stake for $.59… how’s that for shanty??
I cut two pieces 12″ long… the same width as my tin.
I then used my Gorilla Wood glue to attach the stakes to the posts.
 I added glue to both pieces like this.
Before I attached them it looked like this…
Stuck together…
Then I used wood screws to make it even stronger…
When I was finished adding those it looked like this…
I repeated these steps on the other end as well.
My next step was the paint.  I used my favorite blue out there… Olympic Blue Willow satin latex paint from Lowe’s.
I wanted it to look a bit shanty so I painted it but left some of the wood exposed as well.  It looked like this at that point.
After letting that dry I started distressing.  I used my 3M block sander with 80 grit paper to get my edges good and my corners better…
Then I added just a bit of Minwax Dark Walnut stain to the raw edges and corners.
Here’s one corner soaking it in…
Awwwww… so much better… I just rubbed off the extra stain with an old rag.
My next step was to attach my tin to the wood.  I did this by using small finishing nails around the edges of the tin…
I added my d-rings to the back to hang my new art.
And it’s all finished!!  I decided to put this in my powder bath that is BLANK at the moment.  This will be my inspiration for more projects in this room.
And here’s a couple reasons why I LOVE me some old tin…
Thanks for stopping by!  Keep in mind that this cedar piece makes a great backdrop for many things not just tin!

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  1. I love your tin piece and it looks incredible on the wood! Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. That is fantastic! I love the rusty tin- I can't find much around here, but boy, if I did…. I have the perfect place for something like that… I just need to scout around! Another great idea!

  3. K that is soo cute! My friends and I always look for old tin ceiling tiles like that. Now I have a great Idea on what to do with it. Thanks so much!

  4. It looks great! And you used my favorite Dark Walnut stain. I love the blue color you chose as well. Nice job, as always. (Don't you girls ever get tired of being so fantastic?)

  5. It's lovely. I'm always in awe of someone that can look at something like a rusty piece of tin and turn it into something like this.